Holiday Spending in 2013

A new survey sheds light on Canadians’ projected shopping habits for the coming holiday season

A new international survey conducted by in conjunction with Ipsos reveals how British Columbians and Canadians plan to spend their money during the 2013 holiday season. The survey polled 10,009 adults across 11 countries, which included roughly 1,000 interviews in each of Canada, the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, India and China, and 500 interviews in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Canadians were revealed as the most hesitant to adopt e-commerce during the holiday season, with one in four admitting to being reluctant to do holiday shopping online, and 10 per cent saying that they would not be doing any shopping online at all. The Italians and respondents from the Netherlands also showed an ambivalence toward e-commerce.

“Holiday shoppers are clearly going to be focused on staying within their budgets, however we see that 59 per cent intend to spend about the same amount or more during the holiday season,” says Josh Harding, vice-president of global operations for RetailMeNot Inc. “Canadians who are hesitant to shop online are missing out on opportunities to access great deals from national online retailers that may not be in their backyard.”

See below for more of the survey’s findings, and click here to view a larger pop-out version of the infographic.