Luxury Redefined

As online transactions of luxury goods increase, protecting your brand is a necessity

How do you enhance your brand’s position and reputation in the digital marketplace?  

With the new .LUXURY domain, your brand becomes part of an exceptional online community. An innovative concept, .LUXURY is an online platform dedicated to the luxury industry offering brands unique protection policies, exclusive branding tools and a segmented space built specifically for the world’s luxury consumers.   

.LUXURY is a new gTLD (generic top level domain): the word to the right of the dot in a website address. Since your website doesn’t need to end in .com any longer, brands now have the opportunity to establish an online presence in communities most relevant to their business. With a focus on all the verticals that luxury touches such as fashion, jewelry, travel and real estate, .LUXURY has already seen many of the industry’s leading brands, magazines and influencers secure their .LUXURY domains. These brands include Gucci, Ferragamo and Cartier.
With online sales generating more than 50 per cent of luxury industry revenues, finding the right home for your luxury business is essential. With a .LUXURY domain you can showcase your business in the luxury namespace or take advantage of the many available attractive and relevant website addresses that can further enhance your online presence.

“This is potentially transformative when one thinks about how search-strong keywords—like ‘luxury’—at the end of a domain name will help define the nature of content and websites people are looking for,” says Monica Kirchner, CEO and co-founder of .LUXURY. “It also enhances your marketing messages as your URL is one of the most potent ways to communicate what you are about.”

Sites such as, or demonstrate the potential SEO advantage of website addresses with clear, relevant keywords on both sides of the dot. Whether defining your firm, identifying yourself as a realtor, differentiating a product launch from your competitor or featuring a unique marketing campaign, using a .luxury domain will set you apart. 

“.Luxury is helping to drive a fundamental change in how information will be organized on the Internet, and how brands can position themselves online,” adds Kirchner. “The digital transformation of the luxury industry is now squarely upon us. .LUXURY is committed to developing the platform brands need to more effectively target and engage their audience, while also providing a more protected and relevant place for their presence online.”

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