Q&A with Jonathan Reilly of English Bay Law Corporation

What kind of work does your firm do?
We provide customized corporate, commercial and real estate legal advice and services in British Columbia. That includes buying or selling businesses or property, incorporating, creating partnerships or joint ventures, drafting contracts, licenses, commercial leases, offering memoranda, and more. We do not provide tax advice, but we can refer you to people who do.

What led you to become a lawyer?
There were no lawyers in the family, so I had no direct experience of what it meant to be a lawyer.  Growing up I played chess and liked to build things. I guess I had an impression that law provided an opportunity to think and to apply that thinking strategically.

How did you get involved in coaching and managing hockey teams?
My brother-in-law died of cancer at 42, leaving a daughter (9) and a son (11).  Ten months later, my nephew chose to come to B.C. for high school and for five years I was his legal guardian.  When his midget (age 15-17) team needed an assistant coach, I volunteered. My nephew was not pleased, but at season end, he told me it was okay with him if I coached again. I really enjoyed the experience and improved my qualifications. The next season I became head coach and became involved with the B.C. High Performance Program. After managing at U17 I was then called up to manage a team in the Major Midget League, which I did for two seasons.

What do you enjoy about coaching hockey?
I enjoy working with the midget age group. They love fun, but really, they want to be inspired and they want synergy: belonging to a team that outperforms its own expectations by working well together. It means leaving ego aside, learning to communicate and co-operate. It means treating one another with respect. The experience is unforgettable. As a coach I can model the expectations and behaviours required, but it is the players who must achieve it.