Share Your Expertise and Gain More Leads


They say if you do something well you should never do it for free, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell other people how you do it. Giving away your expertise online will only increase the value of your services.

Think of the celebrity chef that publishes his recipes in cookbooks: you don’t see a competitor serving up the same dishes across the street the next week, nor does that mean everyone is staying home on Friday night trying to cook foie gras. Instead, people flock to the restaurant, eager to watch the master at work.

Be a Teacher

Teachers are trusted in our society. Sharing your knowledge establishes credibility and leaves your audience wanting more – more of what you charge for.

Blog and Ye Shall Receive

Creating compelling content takes time, but your effort will be repaid. The more I write about how to make free websites on WordPress, the more phone calls I get for massive projects.

Make it Shareable

The web was made for sharing. Take advantage of tools like Email, Facebook and Twitter by adding the ShareThis button, a free piece of code that makes it easy for people to share your content. All it takes to set up is knowledge of cut and paste.

Expertise doesn’t have to be mysterious. In an age of information overload, it’s more important to establish credibility and get your voice heard. In other words, it’s not about what’s in your secret sauce – it’s about how well you cook.