The Burden of Cross-Border Shopping in B.C.

Cross-border shopping in B.C. | BCBusiness

Just how deadly is our increasing interest in cross-border shopping to B.C. retailers? The numbers aren’t pretty. Fortunately, our info graphic is

Despite the influx of American retailers opening in B.C., residents continue to dump their dollars into the U.S. market. According to a report published by the Business Council of B.C. in May, overnight trips to the U.S. more than doubled in the nine months following June 2012, when duty-free limits were substantially increased.

Not surprisingly, the continuing increase in cross-border shopping is hurting B.C.’s retail numbers and the report estimates that had British Columbians not sharply increased their spending in the U.S., B.C. retail sales would have expanded by three per cent in 2012 rather than only 1.9 per cent. Canada may be expanding its retail selection, but with low American prices a day trip away, it’s hardly a fair fight.

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