Top Picks For Labour Day Reading

Long-weekend reads | BCBusiness

While enjoying the last long weekend of summer, catch up on your reading with our editors’ picks 

Whether long-weekend plans take B.C. residents to the rugged beaches of Vancouver Island or to take in the crisp air of Whistler, an extra day off means a little more time to read for pleasure.

Our editors have compiled a list of our recommendations for well-spun yarns to keep you stimulated over Labour Day, as well as the most popular stories on our website.

Surrey, The Startup City
Surrey—with its Bing Thom-designed library, new city hall and growing population—is poised to rival Vancouver in size and economy.

An Inconvenient Truth
When the Big One inevitably hits, or if a smaller tremor shakes B.C. before then, recovery will be counted in years, not weeks, and nearly half of small businesses will fail.

Leading a Double Life
The chances that a single career can provide all the hallmarks of a successful and meaningful work life are slim to none, so many professionals are choosing to double up.

Living on the Edge
Many entrepreneurs make their mark in the world because their thought processes don’t follow predictable paths. But at what point does it become a mental disorder?

The Beachcombers
Long thought to be a relic of a bygone era, beachcombing is a growth industry again, thanks to one enterprising outsider.