University Endowment Lands Development

An outline of Block F in the University Endowment Lands.

The Musqueam Indian band looks for community input in development of Block F on the University Endowment Lands

In recent months, the Musqueam Indian band has been consulting with community residents and interested stakeholders about our redevelopment plans for a parcel of land known as Block F. Situated on the University Endowment Lands (UEL), this 22-acre parcel was part of the 2008 Reconciliation Agreement between the Musqueam Indian band and the Province of British Columbia. This piece of Provincial Crown Land was negotiated and returned to Musqueam by the province, outside the treaty process. It is a part of the Musqueam people’s traditional territory of which they have lived and used for 4,000 years.

Our plans for this property include a new mixed-use neighbourhood that can provide income and revenue for our band, contributing to Musqueam’s economic self-sufficiency, while adding to the existing UEL community.

We’ve been soliciting input from interested citizens and our goal is to gather valuable community views and perspective through an open engagement process that is shaping our redevelopment approach, and will influence the final plans we ultimately develop. We’ll be gathering additional feedback at our final public open house on April 18 at the University Golf Clubhouse.

We would like to see a redeveloped Block F surrounded by as much open green space as possible, and—with the community’s help—we are working through the best means to achieve this goal. Also important to us is community feedback on services and amenities they would like to see included in this development.

Potential site uses currently include a variety of market housing, a 120-room hotel and a small-scale retail village. The hotel will provide added and much-needed accommodation facilities while complimenting the existing conference and sport facilities, hospital and other amenities nearby.

We are also exploring offering some form of rental housing. Rather than looking at housing specifically based on income or affordability, so far this thinking has tended more towards the idea of offering market-based rental housing that could be available to a wide range of potential residents. This could include seniors, families, students and others.

At the same time, we’re working closely with the UBC and UEL communities to address servicing, transit and traffic in the community. As the site is located on a potential rapid transit route, it should allow for fewer vehicle trips, meaning less overall neighbourhood traffic.

The proposed project would be a phased development. Following the consultation phase, the earliest any building construction might start would be 2014. We anticipate all project phases would be complete within 10 to 13 years, between 2024 and 2027.

Ultimately, we want Block F to reflect proudly on the Musqueam while communicating our commitment to economic, environmental and community sustainability—and our values of respect, pride, inclusiveness, honour, and shared responsibility. At the same time, we want to create something that will be a source of pride for all members of the UEL community.


Wade Grant is a Musqueam Indian band councillor, member of the Vancouver Police Board and recent recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Wade lives on the Musqueam Indian Reserve with his wife and two children.