Will Family Day affect your business?

David Goldman, Michael Cameron, Richard Luxton | BCBusiness

David Goldman, Michael Cameron and Richard Luxton on Family Day and their business.

David Goldman, owner, Boys’ Co

“The stat holiday increases our payroll, but on the other hand the consumer has more opportunity to shop. And yet, there are all those retail workers who are putting in a workday on Family Day, as their employers require their services. Where’s the spirit of Family Day for them?”

Michael Cameron, GM, Grouse Mountain Resort

“It’s not only going to help our business, but it’s just a great day for everyone – especially families. I can’t think of a better time of year for skiing and boarding, snowshoeing and zip lining. Winter sports are so conducive to the family setting, so we think it’s going to be great.”

Richard Luxton, restaurant director, CinCin

“We’re looking forward to it in that it’s another long weekend. In my view it’s not only the Monday that we see the increase in business, but also the Sunday where people are actually able to go out and stay out a little bit later. So it’s definitely going to benefit hospitality businesses.”