B.C. home sales hit an eight-year high

Plus, Google troubles and high-flying YVR

Hot market
Home sales in B.C. reached an eight-year high last month according to the B.C. Real Estate Association, which reported on Monday that 10,174 residences were sold in May—for a combined total of $6.4 billion. About $3.75 billion of that was recorded in Greater Vancouver. Throughout the province, the average sale price was $632,182, while in Greater Vancouver, it was—unsurprisingly—considerably higher: $905,701. But price increases were relatively similar: 11.8 per cent and 11.2 per cent, respectively, over the same time last year (or, you know, considerably more than inflation).

Hot case
The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld what’s been called a potentially precedent-setting case involving Google and Burnaby-based tech manufacturer Equustek. The latter had accused a competing company, Datalink, of stealing its product design and selling it online, and the court order, made in June 2014, was for Google to remove Datalink’s infringing websites from search results worldwide. Already, Equustek has a court order for Canada but says that isn’t good enough, considering the global nature of its sales. Google has argued the B.C. court has no right to restrict its global search results, as the company’s operations are elsewhere. The court argued that because Google does business in B.C. through, for example, ad sales that it does have the right. There’s a good chance the case will be appealed once more—to the Supreme Court of Canada. (via CBC)

Hot summer
According to the Vancouver Airport Authority, YVR is expecting its busiest summer on record. It anticipates that more than 75,000 passengers will travel through the airport every day over the next 100 days.