Big Fat Deal: $10 million for a McMansion in the making

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 1526 West 26th Avenue, Vancouver
Price: $9,888,000
MLS: R2102525
The skinny: Four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,687-square-foot house in Shaughnessy on an 11,270-square-foot lot.
The bling:
Oh, who doesn’t like a house that’s been given a quick do-over in an attempt to maximize its margins? Take a look at this little beauty, and the slap, tickle and polish that’s been so lovingly expedited upon it. Brand new shiny laminated flooring throughout (tick); a thorough paint job (tick); and all the clutter cleared out (tick, tick). An easy $2 million extra profit right there, no? And how thoughtful to buy two different job lots of discounted paint. It makes it so much easier to know where you are in a house when the walls in every room on one floor are lavished with a memorable sky blue, and those upstairs are entirely mint green. But, though we admire their industriousness, the sellers really didn’t need to bother with the ol’ touch of lippy, did they? Because we know you’re not really in the market for a modest family home that happens to be situated in a tony neighbourhood. No, not at any price. They may as well have just left their dirty dishes in the sink and the faded wallpaper peeling. The clue: those telltale orange plastic wraps around the trees in the back yard. Bingo! There are plans in with the City to knock this tired and poky structure down and replace it with a swanky 7,000-square-foot McMansion. Let’s get this bidding war started!
The hidden extras:
Corner lot, large garden, lots of mature trees, detached double garage.