Big Fat Deal: $8.7 million for an Asian-inspired oasis

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 2868 West 44th Avenue
Price: $8,680,000
MLS: R2041458
The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom 5,638-square-foot house on a 10,800-square-foot lot in Kerrisdale.
The bling: Feeling Zen? No? Then take a walk over to the tranquil side with this Asian-inspired oasis designed by celebrated local architect Bing Thom. Imagine a series of rectangular boxes stacked shipping container style (city planners, take note), this concrete and glass structure looks out onto a large wraparound reflecting pond (koi-filled, naturally), inspired by the Chinese city of Suzhou, its waterways and bridges. It also looks out onto the five-car garage, with added nanny/guest suite—something of a relief, surely, for those worried that finding inner peace may involve divesting oneself of the trappings of a high-income, consumer-driven, privileged lifestyle. Inside, things are linked with corridors sporting deliberately low ceilings, designed to trigger an endorphin rush when you enter into the series of austere rooms. There’s a traditional tatami room, perfect for your morning meditation practice, and an office for you to exploit your recalibrated, fiercely focused mind. This is exactly the vibe you’ve been looking for: one where wearing Lululemon all day every day is less about laziness and more a justifiable lifestyle choice. (Well, OK, the odd Kit and Ace combo could work, too.) And when all the clean lines and water aspects begin lulling you into a pit of unproductive contentment, you can retreat to the fully loaded media room, pump up the volume and take a break from pondering the meaning of your marvelous existence.
The hidden extras: Custom millwork, air conditioning, Japanese garden.