Big Fat Deal: The under $1 million in B.C. festive edition

What you can buy for under $1 million dollars around B.C.

This week BCBusiness takes you around the province for five real estate deals under $1 million

With the recent news that fewer than 150 of the 41,546 single family homes in the City of Vancouver are valued at less than $1 million, Big Fat Deal decided to lower our usual lofty and luxe standards and do a little furtive festive window shopping around the province to find real deals for those who don’t spend all day calculating their ever-growing vast net worth. Here, then, is the Big Fat Deal Christmas miracle: five properties there’s a chance you could actually afford.


Address: 2159 Salmon River Road, Salmon Arm

Price: $888,000

MLS: 10147602

The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,544-square-foot house on 5.2 acres in Salmon Arm

The verdict: OMG! Yes please, Santa.


Address: 709 Stromme Lane, Nelson

Price: $770,000

MLS:  2426896

The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,030-square-foot house on 0.44 acres overlooking Kootenay Lake

The verdict: The suburbs scare you, but Nelson is cool enough that you won’t sacrifice all your hipster cred. And let’s face it, the kids are really getting too big to sleep in the closet your landlord euphemistically calls “the den.”


Address: 1556 Johnson Road, Gibsons

Price: $749,000


The skinny: Six-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,842-square-foot house on a 10,880-square-foot lot in Gibsons

The verdict: Don’t judge a book by its less-than-sexy cover. Look inside: this is no Knight Street teardown. Plus, there’s a two-bedroom mortgage helper that the Sunshine Coast might even let you Airbnb the living business out of!


Address: 628 Gallagher Bay Road, Mayne Island

Price: $699,000


The skinny: Three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,140-square-foot rancher on 3.34 acres of Mayne Island

The verdict: Come on, it will be fun to see how long you can survive in a population smaller than your high school, right? And just think how much simpler life will be when you don’t have to choose between takeout sushi and $10 tacos for dinner every night.



Address: 3050-C Washington Avenue, Victoria

Price: $399,900

MLS: 380748 

The skinny: Two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,246-square-foot townhouse in Victoria

The verdict: OK, OK, you’re not ready to relinquish all your hopes of city living (or sushi for dinner), and you think the whole idea of single family homes is outdated and unsustainable anyway. This could be the perfect leaving Vancouver stocking stuffer.