Burnaby-based Clio makes a case for its new legal payment processing software

Clio Payments allows clients and attorneys to enter longer-term payment plans.

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Clio Payments allows clients and attorneys to enter longer-term payment plans

Unfortunate as it may be, money is often a factor in how (and when) justice gets served.  

The saying “justice delayed is justice denied” starts to feel all too real when push comes to shove and you can’t afford to pay upfront litigation costs. In addressing this problem, Burnaby-based legaltech company Clio (which calls itself the “law firm lifesaver” and which also achieved centaur status earlier this year) just launched Clio Payments, a software that gives clients and attorneys the flexibility of entering longer-term payment plans.  

“Through our work with hundreds of thousands of legal professionals, we know that the most frequent point of friction in attorney-client relationships is collections,” said Jack Newton, CEO and founder of Clio, in a release. He considers this to be one of Clio’s most important products since its inception in 2008, when it set itself up as the first cloud-based legal practice management software in the market. “Bringing payments to the Canadian market has the potential to fundamentally change where legal professionals spend their time—and who can access legal services.” 

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The company launched this product in 2021 at the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville to offer digital alternatives to lump sum payments for clients and to make collections easier for lawyers. Clio’s intake process facilitates every step (including retainers, documents and invoices) online, making it easier for attorneys to get e-signatures, track time and and prepare expenses. When billed, customers receive a link to make e-payments. So far, Clio Payments has processed transactions worth at least US$1 billion.  

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“Clio Payments had significant adoption in the U.S., helping legal professionals leverage the ease, security, and effectiveness of payment processing in the cloud,” Newton added in the release. “Now, with our launch in Canada, we can extend these significant benefits to our Canadian customers.”