Opinion: TechPong is back, here are 9 reasons you should attend this year

TechPong is back for its 2023 edition after a four-year hiatus, and tournament play is sold out. In fact, Microsoft is hosting tryouts. Hosted by Charitable Impact, this year’s event promises to be a bigger and better party than ever. We’re gathering at Science World on Thursday, October 19th, from 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. for an “Alice in Wonderland” themed evening filled with networking, entertainment, and philanthropy.

Why is there so much buzz around TechPong’s comeback? Why did the team registration in the 200-player ping-pong tournament sell out months ago? These 9 reasons to attend may help to answer those questions:

Everyone loves a GOOD comeback story

“Good” has a double meaning here. While the return of an event as awesome as TechPong is cause for celebration, the good work supported by the event takes it to another level. Since being launched by Charitable Impact in 2014, TechPong has raised more than $400,000 for charity over its six showings.

Support the causes that matter most to you

TechPong donations are collected through ping-pong tourney applications, and while the teams category is sold out spots still remain in the singles competition. Sign up for free and raise a minimum of $2,000 for your charity of choice using Charitable Impact’s platform, and away you go! We’ll even help you set up a campaign page to facilitate fundraising.

Get your Halloween on early

While there’s no dress code for TechPong, the event’s annual themes encourage guests and competitors to get creative with their duds. The 2019 circus theme, for instance, saw lion tamers, mimes and (non-scary) clowns roaming around Science World, and with Alice in Wonderland being the theme this year I fully expect to party with Mad Hatters, Queens of Hearts, and hookah-equipped caterpillars. I’ve always been a bit of a card, so all I have to figure out is which card to be.

Get the inside scoop

Significant tech industry news often drops at TechPong, and there’s no reason to think this year will be any different. With executives and employees from Clearly, Clio, Colliers International, Samsung, Shopify, VanHack, and more than 45 other companies having attended TechPong in the past, it’s a great opportunity to be heard by a smart and influential crowd. On that note…

Hobnob like never before

This year, various tech sector leaders will be joined by Brenda Bailey, B.C.’s Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation. It doesn’t get much more influential than that, am I right?

Get your Canucks jersey signed

I have it on good authority that Vancouver Canucks greats Stan Smyl and Darcy Rota are attending this year. If their ping pong skills are as good as their slapshots, we may be in trouble!

Team build in Wonderland

Close the laptop for a night and bring your team out for an unforgettable night of team bonding and networking with Vancouver’s tech community. The spirit of this tournament is to build connections and camaraderie outside of the regular 9-5. Whether you’re strategizing at the ping pong tables, snapping photos with flamingo photo props, or sharing laughter with coworkers you don’t often get to chat with, your connections are sure to strengthen in magical ways. Let curiosity and curiosity take hold as you explore all that Science World has to offer and make lasting memories with your team in this topsy turvy Tea Party.

Feed the beast

There’s always a delicious assortment of food and drinks at TechPong, and with Wonderland being the theme, let’s hope eating and drinking doesn’t cause too much gigantism or shrinkage.

Open an Impact Account

Shameless plug time! As in past years, all TechPong donations are being made through Charitable Impact’s online Impact Accounts. Like bank accounts for charitable giving, Impact Accounts enable you to make, view and manage donations online, regardless of which registered charities you choose to support. Because the Impact Account is a donor-advised fund (DAF) – click here for more information on how DAFs work – you can give first, receive a tax receipt, then separately make decisions about how you want to use donations. This gives you the time and space need to confidently create the most impact, and with more than $1.2 billion having been deposited into Impact Accounts to date, it’s an approach to giving that’s catching on BIG TIME.

On that note, it’s time to head on over to Techpong.ca (using our free code TPBCB) and get signed up for the big SHOW ASAP!

Dan Brodie is the CEO of Charitable Impact