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Coquitlam is Open for Business

Exciting opportunities for businesses in Coquitlam


BCBusiness + The City of Coquitlam

Ranked fifth in BC Business’ annual list of the “Best Cities for Work in BC,” and one of seven communities honoured with the BC Small Business Roundtable’s “2013 Open for Business Award,” it’s no wonder Coquitlam has a successful economy and is one of the fastest growing cities in the province.

When it comes to business—whether a start-up, midsize or a large corporation—location is a key component of success. When choosing which city might be best for your business, factors like economic health, business/investment opportunities, accessibility and cost of living are important considerations. Coquitlam offers these advantages and also features a highly skilled and educated workforce, proximity to major markets, a business-friendly climate and a great quality of life.  Coquitlam has created a thriving environment that allows businesses to invest, innovate and grow.

“Coquitlam is a vibrant and growing community that offers businesses and investors a wide array of advantages and options,” says David Munro, manager of economic development for the City of Coquitlam. “Coquitlam is excited about the many available business and investment opportunities, not only because of the positive economic impact, but also the jobs created for our residents.”

The City of Coquitlam is making it a priority to ensure ongoing success in all sectors of the economy. Over the last several years, Coquitlam has been shifting the commercial property tax burden in an effort to make business tax rates more competitive. Through policy changes like this, the City helps support business, which, in turn, helps to keep Coquitlam competitive in attracting jobs so its residents can live and work in the same community.

The City’s innovative thinking doesn’t stop with tax changes. Its progressive approach to encourage business is demonstrated by a business improvements and customer service committee, established to guide red tape reduction and business-friendly initiatives, like the Fast Track Tenant Improvement Program to expedite permit processing times.

Additionally, the city’s economic base is diversifying, with investments and job creation in areas such as Industrial and Warehousing, Technology, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Education, Film, Tourism and Retail. Its “open for business” attitude has helped the city attract and retain renowned businesses such as The Oppenheimer Group, Natural Factors, IKEA, Canstar Restorations and GFR Pharma.

Further, the completion of the $1.4B Evergreen SkyTrain Extension project offers business growth potential into the Burquitlam, Lougheed and City Centre areas, which enables businesses to connect quickly with communities across Metro Vancouver.

Then, if you factor in the City’s carrier-grade fibre optic network, QNet, which provides businesses with the most competitive, high-speed telecommunication choices of any municipality in Canada, it’s no wonder Coquitlam is fast becoming a top choice for businesses across B.C. and beyond.

Coquitlam’s leaders are committed to building a strong community, one that continues to attract businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.

For further information on business and investment opportunities, contact Coquitlam’s Economic Development Office at


Created by BCBusiness in partnership with The City of Coquitlam