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Sep 13, 2021
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 winner: Ray Castelli built mobile shelter maker Weatherhaven into a big-tent operation
Nathan Caddell

Few elections have changed the fate of Canada like the federal contest of 1993, in which the ruling Progressive Conservative Party recouped only two seats across the entire country. The seeds of change planted then are still evident today, as...

Aug 4, 2021
Bucha Brew Kombucha’s Kara Sam is going hard with Arlo
Nathan Caddell

Let the hard kombucha races begin. Just days after Vancouver's Plenty became the first Canadian company to launch a hard kombucha in July, Arlo Hard Kombucha made its play, becoming available in select stores in Vancouver. As the ready-to-drink market in the country and...

Jul 26, 2021
Nonprofit KORE is angling to make the Kootenays a hub for outdoor gear designers and makers
Andrew Findlay

Mechanical engineer and outdoor gear designer Cam Shute quit an industry job and went freelance two winters ago, just as the coronavirus pandemic was poised to send the global economy into hibernation. After spending 18 years with Vancouver-based ski and...

Jul 19, 2021
A look inside Ecologyst's new sustainable manufacturing facility in Victoria
Alyssa Hirose

As unique and diverse as we claim our home to be, there’s a few brands that really dominate the casual fashion world—especially in the summer. For activewear, it’s Lululemon. Birkenstocks have the sandal category dominated. And when the sun goes...

Jul 9, 2021
30 Under 30: Adam Lando pivoted from fashion failure to fabric printing success
Nick Rockel

Life Story: His latest business started with a failure of sorts, but Adam Lando is used to adversity. Lando, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, found high school and a brief stint at college difficult. “I did the best when...

Jul 9, 2021
30 under 30: There’s no containing Brent Nelson and Mike Ouellette
Nick Rockel

Life Story: Friends since they were kids in Surrey, Brent Nelson and Mike Ouellette had always planned to invest in real estate so they could become developers in their early 30s. But one Friday night over beers in 2018, they...

Jul 2, 2021
B.C. innovator brings hydrogen fuelling stations to the trucking industry
Nick Rockel

When you think about green vehicles, heavy-duty trucks are probably the last thing that comes to mind. Jessica Verhagen, Hydra Energy’s new CEO, wants to change that. Under Verhagen, the Vancouver company is taking steps to scale up adoption of its...

Jun 30, 2021
Cool B.C. company you (probably) haven’t heard of: Invinity Energy Systems is supercharging the battery industry
Nathan Caddell

There likely aren’t too many publicly traded companies sandwiched between two breweries in Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood. But Invinity Energy Systems’ chief commercial officer Matt Harper isn’t exactly complaining: “We’re right in the middle of Powell Brewery and Andina, so it’s...

Jun 11, 2021
Will this B.C. tech innovation help drive the cities of tomorrow?
Nick Rockel

A building as a giant rechargeable battery? Besides providing zero-emission vehicles with clean, renewable power, a local innovation could help cities run better. UBC’s faculty of applied science recently broke ground on the Renewable Energy Hub, which aims to turn a...

Jun 8, 2021
How Boeing Vancouver’s Supercluster project promises to propel aircraft maintenance forward
Nathan Caddell

You have to admire the way Jack Hsu explains the principles of Boeing’s augmented reality technology to a complete Luddite. I didn’t think I was one of those, but listening to Hsu—a senior manager at Boeing Vancouver’s Richmond facility—wax poetic...

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