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Marketing & Media

Mar 31, 2016
Events (and a book) to check out in April

YOUR FUTURE HOME: Creating the New Vancouver t’s not too late to check out this Vancouver Urbanarium Society and Museum of Vancouver exhibition, which explores hot urban topics ranging from housing affordability and density to mobility and public space. A series of programs including workshops, happy hours and debates among architectural, real...

Mar 29, 2016
Can Vancouver's Trump Tower survive the Donald?
Steve Burgess

As the aphorism tells: If you lie down with dogs, you will wake up with fleas. But in business it’s not quite so simple. You may form a business relationship that seems like a great idea until one day you wake up scratching. Recent victims include the world’s most successful...

Feb 24, 2016
How dread increases society's perception of risk
Jim Hoggan

We’ve all felt dread. It’s that gripping worry about the worst-case scenario before the doctor calls with the diagnosis, or when the phone rings in the middle of the night. It’s that same fear that stirs up emotion in British Columbians when a resource company proposes a new development such as...

Feb 17, 2016
Most influential women: Jill Krop
Marcie Good

Jill Krop rose through the ranks as reporter, host and news anchor at Global BC, and last April was named its first female news director and station manager. Over her three-decade career in journalism (including 20 years at BCTV/Global), she has seen the disruptive impact of technology on her industry.

Feb 17, 2016
Poll: Christy Clark is Canada's third-least-popular premier
Felicity Stone

Poll position Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s approval rating may have dropped to 33 per cent in a new Angus Reid poll but it’s better than B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s 31 per cent rating. Just two premiers had lower approval ratings: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at 27 per cent and Manitoba Premier...

Feb 3, 2016
What movies about business tell us about business
Steve Burgess

Once again Oscar season highlights the films of the past year­—a year that brought its fair share of space movies, like The Martian and the return of Star Wars. But if you wanted to see the flick with the most launches, that would be Steve Jobs. Almost the whole movie...

Jan 29, 2016
Nanaimo is the latest town of many to lose a community paper
Felicity Stone

No news is bad news Another one bites the dust: after 141 years, the Nanaimo Daily News ceases publication today, another victim of the consolidation of community newspapers and cutbacks to Canadian news outlets. In the past month, Postmedia has combined newsrooms across the country and cut 90 jobs, Rogers Media...

Jan 26, 2016
Why facts don't change minds
Jim Hoggan

When it comes to public opinion, there’s a common belief among companies and their communication teams that providing facts is the best way to sell your side of the story. The more information, the more likely the public will be on side, right? Wrong. Look at high-profile examples across B.C. such...

Jan 5, 2016
Poll: Should B.C. businesses have to use English?

Four Richmond condo owners have filed a human rights complaint about strata meetings conducted in Mandarin instead of English, and following years of complaints about Chinese-only commercial signs, the City of Richmond wants to hire someone to encourage businesses to include English on their signs. In Canada the freedom to communicate...

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