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Marketing & Media

May 6, 2009
Let's Get Social: Vancouver Social Media
Jonathon Narvey

If companies want to build their brands through social media, they’ve got to give up the kind of control that is the holy grail of traditional corporate communications. Nowhere is this more evident than in the PR strategy of Olympics organizers, who are caught between old and new worlds of community engagement. New media is about free participation and building a community, and VANOC’s approach offers a lesson in recognizing the fine line between sabotaging community relations with excessive control...

Apr 20, 2009
The Lesson of Ray Lam: Manage Yourself, Not the Medium
Tony Wanless

The picture showed him clutching a woman’s breast, presumably at some party. By Monday morning, the Vancouver False Creek candidate, Ray Lam, had pulled out of the race. In the last federal election we saw some of this – candidates’...

Apr 14, 2009
Gangland Vancouver: A Little PR Will Fix This
Tony Wanless

A week earlier, some guy was ambushed outside his family compound. Lucky for him, the machine gun’s wall of fire somehow missed him. His Hummer took a few, though. None of this is true, of course, but it makes for good stories that people in the outside world now tell about...

Apr 6, 2009
Lights. Camera. De-industrialize!
Tony Wanless

And that's just the beginning. Apparently it plans to eventually have only 20 core employees and 100 contractors, which would actually make it larger than it was before the recent “cut”. Of course, many are moaning about this “layoff”. The press chalks it up to the tally of jobs lost due...

Mar 20, 2009
How to Keep your Message Credible
J Bucher

Public relations professionals may, gulp, hold the answer: few are better at dancing lightly around the snares of irrelevance, imprecision and even untruth. This month we take advice from Shawn Hall, president of the Canadian Public Relations Society; Alyn Edwards, vice-president of Peak Communicators Inc.; and Norman Stowe, managing partner...

Mar 12, 2009
Rekindling Reading
Tony Wanless

So, I’ve been watching the development of the eReader for a decade. After years of fits and starts, it looks like the era of the eReader has finally arrived. It took the release of the Kindle by Amazon to put the gadget in everyday consciousness. Granted that might still be the...

Mar 5, 2009
Tough Times Breed Creativity
Tony Wanless

After all, their product or service is so good it doesn't really need to be marketed. (He says sarcastically, since, astonishingly, he has actually heard versions of this several times). But the truth for all companies is that if you build it, they probably won’t come because they won’t know you...

Mar 2, 2009
Can We Stop Giving It Away
Tony Wanless

In the US, more than 6 large dailies are shuttering, in bankruptcy or close to it. Dozens of others are trying to figure out how to avoid their fate. Yes, times are uber bad in the content industry. We’ve talked before about how most publishing companies are, as one wag put it...

Mar 1, 2009
"V" for Vitamin - and Victory
Steven Schelling

The current economic climate may have us tightening our belts before long, but, no matter the privations of a recession or full-scale depression, for some the question will always be, Which belt do I tighten, and does it go with my outfit? Last December, while news of Tribune Co.’s bankruptcy protection...

Mar 1, 2009
And on the Third Day
Alison McLaughlin

The numbers don’t lie; Vancouver has never been much of a radio town. Since 1991, on average, listenership has been down about half an hour per person per year, with the average Vancouverite tuning in for roughly 12 hours a week. With the rising popularity of file sharing, satellite radio...

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