May 2, 2005
On the Line with Darren Entwistle
Lori Bamber

He’s been the CEO of B.C.’s largest company for almost five years, yet in the eyes of both the public and the business community Darren Entwistle remains a mystery, the largely invisible leader of our most visible corporate entity. He’s someone we feel we should know but don’t. Everyone has...

Apr 1, 2005
Gwyn Morgan, CEO, Encana
BCBusiness D.B.

Gwyn Morgan isn’t a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade. And EnCana, the company he runs, can’t be found on our TOP 100 list. But don’t let EnCana’s Calgary postal code distract you. The oil and gas giant is...

Apr 1, 2005
Lucinda Chodan: Headline Huntress
Tracy Tjaden

“I may be the last living person to have worked my way up the ranks from the exalted position of typesetter to editor-in-chief at a major daily newspaper,” says Lucinda Chodan, who two months ago left a 20-year run at the Montreal Gazette to assume the editorial helm at Victoria’s Times Colonist (TC).

Mar 1, 2005
Profile: David Emerson
By Myles Murchison

I came out of Grande Prairie. I was a hockey player, a street kid. I wanted to be a forester. My brother convinced me to go into pre-dentistry and I hated it. I thought economics sounded like it might have...

Mar 1, 2005
Peter Ritchie: For the Defence
Sarah Efron

The phone rings in Peter Ritchie’s 13th floor office in the art deco Marine Building in Vancouver. It’s March 1997 and Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton needs a lawyer. He’s being charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing...

Feb 1, 2005
Gordon Campbell: Countdown to a Decision
Paul Willcocks

Forget the 30-second news clips and the pundits’ opinions. We wanted to hear first-hand what Gordon Campbell had to say about his government’s first four years, the coming election and the future for British Columbia. So on a grey winter morning, reporter Paul Willcocks sat down with Campbell in his seventh-floor Canada Place office to talk.

Jul 2, 2004
los Doctores Canadienses: Healing Journey
Andrew Findlay

The room is a prison-like cubicle with a door and a single window grated with black iron bars, a couple of plastic-backed metal chairs and a small mattress lying at an angle on the floor. An old bed-sheet divides the...

Jul 1, 2004
Allison MacDonald's Grand Passion
Myles Murchison

Allison MacDonald wakes in a New York City hotel room with The Vision. For a year she has obsessed to her husband, Barry Gilson, about creating a Les Misérables mega-musical based on the life and music of 18th-century composer George...

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