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Tech & Science

Feb 22, 2017
Numerology: For many women, working in the tech sector still doesn't compute
Melissa Edwards

56% That’s the mid-career quit rate for women in the lucrative computer technology sector—the highest across the sciences and more than double the rate for men. As March brings the 118th International Women’s Day, female representation has risen in all...

Jan 17, 2017
Office space: Harnessing the collective power at Copperleaf
Felicity Stone

“In high tech, your team is everything,” says Judi Hess, CEO of Vancouver-based Copperleaf Technologies Inc., which designs decision analytics software for hydro, gas and water companies like BC Hydro, ONE Gas, Inc. in Oklahoma and Anglian Water in the...

Dec 15, 2016
Your data is an important business asset: Is it safe? Are you sure?

BCBusiness + Fully Managed No matter what the size of the company, it’s safe to say that these days, owners, senior executives and managers are busier than ever before. Overseeing business development, client and customer relations, operational effectiveness, HR and so...

Dec 13, 2016
Is Slack a harbinger of tech riches for Vancouver?
Timothy Taylor

The enterprise software phenomenon Slack has been in its Hamilton Street offices for almost a year now. But with extensive renovations just complete, CEO Stewart Butterfield hosted a media unveiling this September. As only befits a seven-year-old company valued mid-2016...

Dec 6, 2016
4 expert tech tips to protect your business

BCBusiness + Best Buy Geek Squad In today’s fast-paced world, small businesses don’t often have the resources or inclination to track the latest computer security threats, let alone take the time to learn how to fix technical errors that can slow...

Nov 15, 2016
Burnaby startup acquired by GE Digital in a $153-million deal
Marcie Good

A startup that moved from Silicon Valley to Burnaby and helped BC Hydro establish its network of smart metres has been acquired by GE Digital in a US$153-million deal. Bit Stew Systems co-founder and CEO Kevin Collins called the deal “a...

Oct 27, 2016
How businesses can combat the growing number of cyber attacks

BCBusiness + Shaw Business Small business owners have enough on their to-do lists, changing roles on an hourly basis from general manager to IT to salesperson to HR and back again. Worrying about losing company and customer data to hackers and...

Oct 19, 2016
What to do when your business is being held ransom
Marcie Good

In June, the University of Calgary fell victim to a cyberattack, in which its email server was encrypted and millions of files were locked. An unknown person or organization demanded $20,000 ransom, and the university paid up. There were 1,800...

Sep 28, 2016
Three ways technology has improved healthcare

BCBusiness + GoeVisit | Over the last two decades, technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, the way we glean information and get our news, the way we shop, and even the way we date. But what if we could use our smartphone to speak to our doctor about...

Jul 21, 2016
How the Hardbite makers repurpose imperfect potatoes
Marcie Good

When Pete Schouten and his partners bought a chip factory in Maple Ridge from a local chef six years ago, he thought it would be a good way to use the second-grade potatoes he harvested from his fields. It didn’t turn out that way. “We’re farmers; that’s where we come...

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