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Nov 24, 2022
Market Trends in the Tech Sector
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + IT/IQ Tech Recruiters IT/IQ is a BC-based provider of specialized Information Technology (IT) recruitment and staffing solutions. Since 2002, the company has grown into a national organization with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. IT/IQ's team is placing 1.6 IT professionals...

Nov 17, 2022
New Vancouver-based AI platform schedules social events so you don't have to
Alyssa Hirose

Getting together with friends is supposed to be fun—but when one friend works 12-hour shifts, one has three kids who play eight sports and one is ghosting you on the group thread, going out for a casual beer is basically...

Nov 1, 2022
Vancouver's Idle Lifestyle sells its heat-not-burn tech to tobacco corporation Altria for US$100 million
Rushmila Rahman

It might be a little jarring to picture Mia Wallace puffing smokeless tobacco through an electric device in Pulp Fiction, but Ryan Selby, co-founder and CEO of Vancouver-based tobacco company Idle Lifestyle (formerly Poda Holdings), thinks that’s where the industry...

Oct 16, 2022
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022: Hamed Shahbazi cares for caregivers with Well Health Technologies
Rushmila Rahman

People often think of leadership as an example of power. But Well Health Technologies founder and CEO Hamed Shahbazi says it’s all about showing the power of your example: “I’ve tried to keep my ego in check and create an environment...

Oct 16, 2022
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022: Anna Sainsbury has the cybersecurity industry covered with GeoComply
Nathan Caddell

There are some awards runs that boggle the mind. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won six Emmys in a row for her portrayal of Selina Meyer in the political satire Veep. Michael Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Anna...

Oct 16, 2022
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022: Euan Ramsay and James Taylor boost drug development with Precision NanoSystems
Rushmila Rahman

When Euan Ramsay met James Taylor in 2009, he knew that his life was about to change: “Suddenly, me doing a three-year apprentice- ship could be replaced by an instrument that’s sort of like an espresso machine.” At the time...

Oct 16, 2022
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022: Tom Madden designs treatment with delivery technology from Acuitas Therapeutics
Rushmila Rahman

There were two risks that president and CEO Tom Madden took with Acuitas Therapeutics: The first was the decision to be a private biotech company. The second was to shift its molecular focus to messenger RNA (mRNA). When Madden came to Vancouver...

Oct 5, 2022
Pacific Trader: Vancouver's Wishpond Technologies could be more than just wishful thinking
Michael McCullough

The stock: Be greedy when others are fearful, Warren Buffett famously admonished. Instead of taking the last of your spare change and tossing it into a fountain, a better strategy is to look for glints of hope poking through the rubble...

Oct 3, 2022
Smart business card company Ovou swipes top spot at New Ventures BC Competition
Nathan Caddell

Sometimes, hard work does pay off. Take Reza Varzidehkar. Varzidehkar had an idea to start a smart business card company and, in 2019, went to 100 events in 100 days to try and get his name out there. Even COVID, which...

Sep 23, 2022
Vancouver-based cloud expert OpsGuru becomes first Canadian company to hit AWS milestone
Rushmila Rahman

A company like Netflix, which offers content across the globe, needs a pretty solid infrastructure to ensure that our screens get some action. And it’s cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) that help companies deliver on such promises. Vancouver-based cloud...

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