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Dec 20, 2022
Richmond-based Icicle Technologies has food safety down to a recipe
Rushmila Rahman

Steven Burton felt like he was dying. The Vancouverite had several bouts with food poisoning throughout his life, but that first one in 1980 Egypt had him lose 30 pounds to the bug. Later on, when he had children who also...

Dec 20, 2022
Leadership 2022: After making some green in the cannabis market, John Coleman is seeing red
Nathan Caddell

This year, we focus on those who have taken on new roles at the top of an organization recently, and quiz them about the changing landscape of leadership. It's not often in a career that a person is able to reach the...

Dec 16, 2022
UBC startup IRLY is out to reimagine dating apps for Generation Z
Nathan Caddell

The pitch for IRLY vaguely reminds one of those ‘90s informercial ads that demand the person staring at the screen jump to attention. “Are you TIRED of all these dating apps that are inauthentic, full of SCAMS and completely BORING? Well...

Dec 13, 2022
Leadership 2022: Zymeworks CEO Ken Galbraith isn't afraid to make the tough calls
Rushmila Rahman

This year, we focus on those who have taken on new roles at the top of an organization recently, and quiz them about the changing landscape of leadership. Ken Galbraith may not want “replacing scientific founders” to be his niche, but...

Dec 8, 2022
Why the steaks are high for Vancouver-based biotech company Atelier Meats
Rushmila Rahman

If you've seen pretty much any portrayal of cloning in popular culture, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's inherently evil. Here's the thing, though—it doesn't have to be. With the kind of work Vancouver-based biotechnology company Atelier Meats is doing, it’s...

Dec 2, 2022
The CEO of Charli AI banks on B.C. talent as Canada's best in artificial intelligence
Rushmila Rahman

When your spouse wants to have your brain dissected just to understand you better, you know you’re ahead of the curve. And that’s exactly what Kevin Collins, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based software company Charli AI, says his wife wants...

Dec 2, 2022
Project Zero Incubator graduates 17 ventures, awards three with pitch honours
By the Editors

“Hempcrete” buildings, refurbishment for outdoor retailers and eco-friendly tiles. This is where we ask “What do all of these have in common?” and you answer with the only retort that seems remotely plausible: “Umm, they seem like they’re all winners...

Nov 24, 2022
Market Trends in the Tech Sector
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + IT/IQ Tech Recruiters IT/IQ is a BC-based provider of specialized Information Technology (IT) recruitment and staffing solutions. Since 2002, the company has grown into a national organization with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. IT/IQ's team is placing 1.6 IT professionals...

Nov 17, 2022
New Vancouver-based AI platform schedules social events so you don't have to
Alyssa Hirose

Getting together with friends is supposed to be fun—but when one friend works 12-hour shifts, one has three kids who play eight sports and one is ghosting you on the group thread, going out for a casual beer is basically...

Nov 1, 2022
Vancouver's Idle Lifestyle sells its heat-not-burn tech to tobacco corporation Altria for US$100 million
Rushmila Rahman

It might be a little jarring to picture Mia Wallace puffing smokeless tobacco through an electric device in Pulp Fiction, but Ryan Selby, co-founder and CEO of Vancouver-based tobacco company Idle Lifestyle (formerly Poda Holdings), thinks that’s where the industry...

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