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Mar 15, 2022
Earth-X tech project digs deep to make mining greener
Rushmila Rahman

The worldwide shift toward renewable energy keeps accelerating, but do you know how much metal and minerals we’ll need to go green? Well, with most of Earth’s near-surface mining deposits already in use, the production of copper, nickel, zinc and other critical...

Mar 14, 2022
Does your B.C. tech startup have what it takes to win? This contest offers $250,000 in cash and prizes
Rushmila Rahman

As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If your tech startup needs financing and other support to get to the next level, don’t miss the fast-approaching deadline for the 2022 edition of the New Ventures BC Competition. Here’s how the annual contest...

Mar 9, 2022
Can these kiosks help fix Canada’s broken walk-in clinic system?
Rushmila Rahman

The COVID-19 pandemic may have helped open the door to virtual health care, but it’s been a mixed blessing. Across the country, people are still struggling to find a doctor after clinics limited in-person visits and shifted to remote access. To help solve...

Mar 4, 2022
New digital mapping tool can help preserve Indigenous land and culture
Rushmila Rahman

Seeing is believing. Raw numbers have their power as an objective metric of change, but being shown that change with our own eyes is what really leaves a mark. That’s the philosophy behind Guardian, a new data preservation and land management...

Mar 3, 2022
Attention B.C. tech startups: Apply for this pre-accelerator program by March 16
Rushmila Rahman

There are many reasons to start a business, including the promise of big opportunities in the tech sector. But identifying a problem and coming up with a solution isn’t enough for new entrepreneurs, who often find the journey to commercial...

Mar 3, 2022
B.C. ties in nationwide ranking of publicly traded startups
Rushmila Rahman

In a new national ranking of publicly traded startups, B.C. is no slouch. The TSX Venture Exchange just announced the 2022 TSX Venture 50, which highlights its top-performing companies for 2021. B.C.-based businesses account for 15 names on the list, which covers five sectors:...

Mar 2, 2022
Pacific Trader: How AbCellera’s stock can make a full recovery
Michael McCullough

The stock: When I say that AbCellera Biologics’ stock (NASDAQ:ABCL) has flatlined, that’s an improvement in its condition. After tumbling 85 percent from their perhaps over-exuberant IPO price in December 2020, the Vancouver-based biotech’s shares appear to have found a floor...

Feb 23, 2022
Frontier Collective aims to propel Vancouver’s tech sector to new heights
Rushmila Rahman

Vancouver’s thriving technology sector just got a new champion in the Frontier Collective. This group of younger entrepreneurs and business leaders bills itself as the first to represent and advance some of the region’s fastest-growing tech industries. Those include Web3, the metaverse...

Feb 22, 2022
Opinion: Opening the gate to skills training will lead to a path of prosperity for B.C.
Jacquie Griffiths

Jacquie Griffiths is executive vice-president of Invest Vancouver, a regional economic prosperity service of Metro Vancouver with the objective of attracting strategic investment and laying the foundation for a region where every resident can thrive economically in a fast-changing economy. It...

Feb 18, 2022
Abbotsford will soon be home to the first supercapacitor manufacturing facility in the country
Alyssa Hirose

To me, supercapacitor sounds an awful lot like an invention of doom dreamed up by a comic-book evil genius. But this isn’t something that a lonely scientist in Coke-bottle glasses would introduce with a maniacal laugh. In fact, the goal...

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