Machinima (pronounced "ma-shin-ih-muh") films are not your father's moving-pictures: they're postmodern pop-culture mash-ups based on video game cinematography.

Not surprisingly, sizeable Internet subcultures have formed around this phenomenon, most notably at, where you can find entire series based on such NSFW titles as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Halo.

Some of the best and least obscure Machinima is based on The Sims, whose infinitely manipulable humanoid characters seem are well-suited to carrying out the whims of their digital puppetmasters. Check out some choice YouTube clips below – and, where applicable, be sure to watch the originals, the better to appreciate the spoofs.

The Sims: "Machinima Beauty" (recreation of American Beauty)

Halo: "I Love the Whole World" (spoof of Discovery Channel commercial)

The Sims: "Leet Str33t"

The Sims: "Male Restroom Etiquette"

The Sims: "The Strangerhood"