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Jun 7, 2019
The Future of Work: Why an accessible workplace is good for business
Ryan Stuart

Boring, sweaty, repetitive, thankless work—that’s dishwashing in a bakery. Turnover tends to be high. But not at Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness in Port Moody. “One of our dishwashers shows up an hour and a half early, every day,” says owner Lisa Beecroft. Beecroft’s daughter is on the...

May 24, 2019
The Future of Work: Taking care of freelancers
Ryan Stuart

”At one point, freelance and contract workers were a small corner of the labour market,” says Andrew Cash, co-founder of the Urban Worker Project. “It was easy for policy-makers, media and the labour movement to ignore the group as an outlier. That’s no longer possible.” In 2017, more than 15 percent...

May 23, 2019
Opinion: Networking in different cultures and countries
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

If you’re doing business in Denmark, and you and a potential client go out for lunch, should you leave a little something on your plate rather than eating everything? In Russia, is it important to smile to create rapport with your work colleague? If you’re in Israel, is it OK...

May 21, 2019
The Future of Work: Here's to our robot overlords
Ryan Stuart

LlamaZoo’s newest product sees the forest for the trees and the trees for the forest. The visualization tool uses terabytes of data about a planned logging site from satellite and aerial imagery, geographic information and infrared surveys to create a 1:1 digital replica of the area—down to the placement and height...

May 17, 2019
Opinion: B.C. passes legislation to create new kind of company
Andrew Weaver

The B.C. Green caucus’s landmark legislation just passed to make British Columbia the first province to provide a legal framework for businesses committed to pursuing social and environmental goals to incorporate as benefit companies. In bringing forward this legislation, we were inspired by the business model that B Corporations already live...

Apr 9, 2019
Exit plan: How to sell or transfer your business successfully
By the Editors

Private and family businesses represent nearly two-thirds of Canada’s GDP and employ more than 12 million Canadians, notes a new report from PwC Canada. The data was taken from research undertaken for the PwC Family Business Survey (2016), the PwC Next Gen Survey (2017) and the PwC Family Business Survey...

Apr 4, 2019
Canadian employees prefer meaning over money: survey
By the Editors

As it turns out, “money isn’t everything” is truer than you might think. Just ask California–based ServiceNow, which surveyed Canadian office workers to find out what matters to them in their jobs. More than half of the 1,500 respondents to the online poll said that they wished their work was...

Mar 25, 2019
Why your staff are your biggest brand champions
Ben Baker

In his new monthly column for BCBusiness, branding expert Ben Baker shares his insights into how to communicate value effectively, so people want to listen and engage. In the end, it’s about creating influence through trust. The No. 1 thing I...

Mar 15, 2019
Small Business Minister Mary Ng makes the case for female entrepreneurship
Nick Rockel

Mary Ng’s marching orders from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau come with plenty of actual legwork. The federal minister of small business and export promotion has been criss-crossing the country to boost the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES), a new $2-billion national program...

Mar 6, 2019
Opinion: Women’s networks are key to leadership success
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

A research study released in January offers some very good news for women wanting to reach their leadership goals. It couldn’t have come at a better time: March 8 is International Women’s Day, and while there have been undeniable improvements for women, there’s still a glass ceiling when it comes to...

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