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Jan 12, 2021
Shift Happens: When does an employee’s online behaviour outside the workplace cross the line?
Guy Saddy

You’re the owner of a private company. While perusing social media posts, you chance upon a photo of an employee clearly taken several years earlier. He’s smiling, beer in hand—and parading around in blackface. What do you do? Disclosure: I have...

Dec 17, 2020
5 Questions: Mélanie Joly shares her plans to launch B.C.’s own regional development agency
Nick Rockel

It may not fix Western alienation, but it’s a welcome move. To better support B.C. businesses, the federal government recently proposed opening a regional economic development agency focused on the province. The country’s seventh, the new agency would operate separately from Western Economic Diversification Canada, which currently serves B.C. and the Prairies...

Dec 16, 2020
In BC Chamber of Commerce address, John Horgan talks post-COVID recovery, Indigenous investment and food delivery apps
Nick Rockel

The lacrosse stick propped against the wall of John Horgan’s Victoria office spoke loudly: the premier casts himself as a man of the people, but he also knows how to play hardball. In his keynote speech at this year’s Premier and Cabinet Connect, hosted virtually by the BC Chamber of Commerce, Horgan justified the BC NDP’s recent early election gamble, which saw his party win a commanding majority. The premier also pitched an optimistic vision of economic recovery with Indigenous...

Dec 8, 2020
Shift Happens: Why lack of employee diversity can hurt your company and how you can address it
Guy Saddy

Our new column examines the points where business, ethics and new cultural realities collide. You can send anonymous scenarios and questions to You’re the CEO of a large company. At a Zoom meeting, you realize that none of the participants...

Dec 7, 2020
Making It Work: How to protect your business from work-from-home cybersecurity threats
Michael McCullough

Apart from the challenges to teamwork and supervision, having employees work from home increases the risk of a digital security breach. Home wifi networks and devices tend to have lower barriers to entry than in-office systems, with weaker passwords and less secure configurations, says Kemar Wilks, senior digital forensic examiner for Richmond-based TCS Forensics, a cybersecurity and investigation firm...

Dec 4, 2020
Making It Work: Now more than ever, your staff need a strong wellness program
Nick Rockel

"Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a few shifts in how organizations are approaching employee well-being,” says Alissa Gillanders, a wellness program specialist at the Vancouver office of professional services giant Aon. First, employers are making wellness a priority, “with an...

Dec 3, 2020
Making It Work: How to on-board a new hire who's working from home
Nick Rockel

As businesses have switched to remote work during the pandemic, those still in hiring mode face challenges when it comes to welcoming new staff. For advice, we turned to Shelagh Levangie, a human resources and recruitment consultant with Vancouver-based Harbour...

Nov 23, 2020
Ask a Leader: Greg Smith encourages businesses to build post-COVID resilience by boosting their online offerings
By the Editors

We asked prominent members of the B.C. business community what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—and how this crisis will change everything from work to leadership. Greg Smith is co-founder and CEO of Thinkific, a Vancouver-based online course creation platform.

Nov 19, 2020
Ask a Leader: Karn Manhas says goodbye to the traditional office
By the Editors

We asked prominent members of the B.C. business community what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—and how this crisis will change everything from work to leadership. Karn Manhas is founder and CEO of Terramera, a Vancouver-based cleantech agriculture firm...

Nov 13, 2020
Arlene Dickinson wants your business to pull through COVID-19. Here’s how
Nick Rockel

For the complete interview with Arlene Dickinson, check out the BCBusiness Podcast. Arlene Dickinson doesn’t sound too worried that COVID-19 will get the better of her fellow business owners. “I think Canadian entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs anywhere, are a resilient group of people...

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