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Jul 3, 2019
Don't Wait Until Something Goes Wrong
Chris Hinton

BCBusiness + McQuarrie Like waiting for the other shoe to drop, Doug Conolly and Dan Moseley, partners in the commercial litigation group at McQuarrie, have lost count of the people who launch or expand a business—but haven’t assessed how it could leave them vulnerable to legal problems. “It’s almost inevitable that down...

Jun 21, 2019
Often Overlooked, Insurance Can Be a Lifeline for Your Business

BCBusiness +Foundation Wealth Considering the effort it takes any entrepreneur to amass wealth, protecting that wealth should be a top financial planning priority—and in this regard, insurance plays a key role in any protection plan. However, James Pelmore, partner, private wealth manager at Foundation Wealth Partners, points out that too often he...

Jun 21, 2019
A Happier, Healthier, More Creative You

BCBusiness +ThroughConversation As a highly accomplished individual, you aren’t the type to rest on your laurels. Even when you reach new heights, there’s always another star to shoot for. You strive for success in everything you do. But are you able to really enjoy the fruits of your labour? “What we often...

Jun 21, 2019
The Nature of Work Has Changed - Has Your Health Benefits Plan?

BCBusiness +Pacific Blue Cross From the rise of telecommuting and flexible work-from-home arrangements to the end of the 9-to-5 workday, the norms of the modern workforce have transformed dramatically over the last half-century thanks to large-scale shifts in the generational makeup of the workforce. Independent, self-employed workers in British Columbia are...

Jun 19, 2019
The 2019 Top 100 All-Stars: WorkSafeBC
Felicity Stone

It’s no secret that the leaders of large businesses tend to be men, and those on our list of B.C.’s top 100 companies by revenue are no exception: the number of women CEOs can be counted on one hand. WorkSafeBC, however, has had two: Diana Miles, president and CEO from...

Jun 7, 2019
The Future of Work: Why an accessible workplace is good for business
Ryan Stuart

Boring, sweaty, repetitive, thankless work—that’s dishwashing in a bakery. Turnover tends to be high. But not at Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness in Port Moody. “One of our dishwashers shows up an hour and a half early, every day,” says owner Lisa Beecroft. Beecroft’s daughter is on the...

May 24, 2019
The Future of Work: Taking care of freelancers
Ryan Stuart

”At one point, freelance and contract workers were a small corner of the labour market,” says Andrew Cash, co-founder of the Urban Worker Project. “It was easy for policy-makers, media and the labour movement to ignore the group as an outlier. That’s no longer possible.” In 2017, more than 15 percent...

May 23, 2019
Opinion: Networking in different cultures and countries
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

If you’re doing business in Denmark, and you and a potential client go out for lunch, should you leave a little something on your plate rather than eating everything? In Russia, is it important to smile to create rapport with your work colleague? If you’re in Israel, is it OK...

May 21, 2019
The Future of Work: Here's to our robot overlords
Ryan Stuart

LlamaZoo’s newest product sees the forest for the trees and the trees for the forest. The visualization tool uses terabytes of data about a planned logging site from satellite and aerial imagery, geographic information and infrared surveys to create a 1:1 digital replica of the area—down to the placement and height...

May 17, 2019
Opinion: B.C. passes legislation to create new kind of company
Andrew Weaver

The B.C. Green caucus’s landmark legislation just passed to make British Columbia the first province to provide a legal framework for businesses committed to pursuing social and environmental goals to incorporate as benefit companies. In bringing forward this legislation, we were inspired by the business model that B Corporations already live...

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