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Apr 14, 2020
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: The Hero’s Journey puts crisis into perspective
David MacLean

The COVID-19 crisis has thrust all of us into an uncertain new world. But as leaders, we can seize the opportunity to embark on the Hero’s Journey, putting aside limiting thoughts and beliefs and drawing on the help and encouragement of allies...

Apr 9, 2020
Video chat concerns: Zoom grew too quickly, ironically
Alyssa Hirose

Thanks to (you guessed it!) COVID-19, most folks are finding themselves participating in more video chats than ever before. Everyone’s work meetings, happy hours and cowboy-themed birthday parties now take place virtually. Zoom, one of the most popular videoconferencing apps...

Apr 7, 2020
5 tips for better customer relationships—and a stronger business—during COVID-19
Nick Rockel

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many B.C. businesses on the ropes, but this is no time to forget your customers. Mark Colgate, professor of service excellence at UVic’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, shares some advice on keeping the love alive—and being ready to bounce back stronger than ever...

Apr 7, 2020
Getting creative in a pandemic: Burnaby’s Peregrine pivots to Plexiglas screens
Nathan Caddell

When the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading across Canada, Brian French knew he had to act fast to save his company. Burnaby-based Peregrine Retail Design Manufacturing was built on helping high-end restaurants and retailers create their front-end experiences. Peregrine counts brands like...

Apr 6, 2020
Survey reveals COVID-19’s devastating impact on B.C. businesses
By the Editors

We all know the COVID-19 crisis is bad for business, but a recent survey highlights just how much damage the pandemic has already inflicted on B.C. companies and their employees. The poll of 1,900 businesses shows that in the past two weeks, about half have suffered revenue plunges of 75 percent...

Apr 6, 2020
National Internet agency offers free cybersecurity to small businesses during COVID-19
By the Editors

At the best of times, cyberattacks are a major threat to businesses of all sizes. The COVID-19 pandemic has left companies even more vulnerable to hackers as their employees adjust to working remotely. With that in mind, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is now offering small businesses in B.C.

Apr 2, 2020
Your 3D printer could make you a COVID-19 hero
Alyssa Hirose

It’s hard not to feel helpless in these difficult times, but if you have a 3D printer, you might play a key role in supporting B.C.’s health-care workers in the coming months. Two B.C. companies, Victoria-based Crisis Rapid Prototyping Society (CRPS)...

Apr 1, 2020
5 tips for handling commercial leases and contracts during COVID-19 and beyond
Nick Rockel

With rent due on April 1, the COVID-19 crisis has left commercial landlords and their cash-strapped tenants scrambling to figure out a way forward. Looking ahead, the outbreak could also see pandemic clauses become a standard feature of commercial leases and agreements. For some tips on dealing with leases and contracts...

Mar 31, 2020
How to keep your employees safe while working from home
Alyssa Hirose

A few weeks ago, your workplace may have been a bustling skyscraper, a cool coworking space or a second-floor office flooded with natural light and surrounded by crows (but maybe that’s just us). Now our homes have become our workspaces...

Mar 30, 2020
A COVID-19 isolation playlist, from our quarantine to yours
By the Editors

There’s no shortage of bad news these days, but we’re doing our best to stay upbeat. Here are 20 songs the editors have been cranking while isolated (as loud as our families will allow, at least). I may not have the...

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