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Feb 14, 2019
Opinion: 8 ways to diversify your network
Judy Thomson, Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Darcy Rezac

We have four questions for you. How effectively are you developing and managing your network? Are you devoting enough time to it? Are you consciously touching base with key people? And reflecting back to 2018, how many connections do you think you added to your network? Was it 10 new...

Feb 12, 2019
10 things you should know about corporate social responsibility
By the Editors

What’s the difference between traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social purpose? If you’re a business looking for a charity to support, how do you find the right one? At The Business of Good, experts from businesses and non-profits shared their CSR insights

Feb 6, 2019
Is B.C. losing its edge?
Nick Rockel

It’s Saturday morning, but this feels like fright night. In the packed basement auditorium of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre hotel, the BC Liberal Party is holding the Economy Alert rally of its annual convention. Lightning bolts flash across a...

Feb 4, 2019
How building a strong brand can make you more than a commodity
Ben Baker

A brand is the essence of a company and the reason people find it valuable to them or not. Too many companies forget this. They haven’t made an effort to understand who they are, what they do, who they do it for and why those people should care.

Jan 31, 2019
The Business of Good Is in Corporate Social Responsibility
By BCBusiness

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the business of doing good. So much more than a marketing opportunity, it’s about building a social purpose into your organization and making a real difference in your community and the world at large. On...

Jan 28, 2019
B.C.’s NDP government gets down to business
Felicity Stone

B.C. Minister of Citizens’ Services Jinny Sims has been busy on behalf of businesses. Last week she announced the launch of OrgBook BC, a new provincial government service that lets companies quickly and securely share verifiable business information online. Today Sims attended a breakfast hosted by our partner the BC Chamber of...

Jan 18, 2019
Opinion: 17 tips for successful business dining in our global business world
Sharon Schweitzer

Conducting business centred around a meal provides a level of shared experience that opens up a dialogue unlike ordinary meetings in the office. Dining in a restaurant or home allows an escape from the familiar work atmosphere and adds an element of social connectivity. Business meals can be an enjoyable...

Jan 17, 2019
Professional Advice Will Help Complete Your Business Sale

BCBusiness + Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. Ian Houghton, senior M&A advisor for Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd., notes that, “all business deals are difficult to complete, which is why less than 25 percent of business transactions actually close.” But businesses that...

Jan 10, 2019
Opinion: 7 top tips for networking on airplanes
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

There are enough challenges being a road warrior, so adding networking to your flight plan may seem like one activity too many while getting from A to B. As you prepare for takeoff, you wonder, should you say something to the person sharing the armrest? The answer is yes, for a...

Jan 8, 2019
Opinion: How to ask for help
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

Why do we hesitate to ask for help? Are we too proud? Do we think it shows weakness or lack of knowledge? Do we worry that the other person will say no? Or does it feel like we are asking for a favour and that feels a little transactional? Yes, yes...

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