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Dec 1, 2007
Contemporary Business Planning: Going Long
Tony Wanless

Despite today’s emphasis on contemporary strategic planning, few businesses actually think 'go long term'. Bigger market-listed businesses focus on the quarter to keep their stock up; small businesses are notorious for believing long-term means anything beyond next month.

Dec 1, 2007
How to Successfully Implement Business Initiatives
Tim Lewko

XYZ Company is a mid-sized technology manufacturer that has just begun implementing a quality initiative to increase productivity by eliminating defects and waste. The system is the latest fad in its industry, and management hopes to justify the high price...

Dec 1, 2007
How to Beat Presenteeism
Jessica Werb

Are the hacks and sniffles that echo throughout your workplace hallways music to your ears? It’s hardly a mark of pride to have employees drag themselves to work, even when they feel (and look) like hell. In fact, according to numerous studies, “presenteeism” costs employers more than absenteeism, but how do you beat it?

Dec 1, 2007
Accounting for Tastes: Summerland and District Credit Union
Kathleen Horton

It’s unseasonably chilly this Tuesday morning as a huddle builds in the glass-encased vestibule at the Summerland & District Credit Union. At 9:30 a.m., the doors open to a steady stream of members who circulate through queues and wickets or settle into sofas in the common area.

Dec 1, 2007
Uniform Happiness: Cintas Canada Ltd.
Dorothy Bartoszewski

They’re heading right for me, like headless horsemen without their stallions: a long rack of white shirts on hangers, swaying mania­cally as they zip along an automated track. I manage to dodge them, but nonetheless I’m struck by how this...

Dec 1, 2007
Making an mpact: Urban Impact Recycling Inc.
Helena Bryan

It’s 11 a.m. as I climb the steep steps into the cab of one of Urban Impact’s distinctive green-trimmed, front-loading trucks. Driver Jay Goodburn, 25, has been on the job for six hours already. He tells me cheerfully that he...

Dec 1, 2007
Home Suite Home: Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel
Vanessa Richmond

In the lobby of the Vancouver Marriott Hotel, four people smile and say “Good morning” to me. I’m often taken for someone else, so I shrug it off. But as I’m led through what is known in the hotel biz...

Dec 1, 2007
Strength in Numbers: Deloitte and Touche LLP
Helena Bryan

The 100-plus high-energy Gen Ys laughing it up in the sweeping lobby of Whistler’s Westin Resort & Spa look like they belong at a Killers concert – not the annual audit training event put on by the Vancouver office of Deloitte & Touche.

Dec 1, 2007
Keeping Interest High - Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union
Martha Wickett

As I knock on the door of Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union, an image flashes across my mind of coat-tailed bankers with briefcases, their footsteps echoing down cavernous hallways. Instead, a smiling woman wearing a white cotton blouse and dress pants greets me and leads me into a comfortable office area decorated in muted earth tones.

Dec 1, 2007
A Leg Up: Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.
Brennan Clarke

When Kirsten Moline left the non-profit sector for a job at GT Hiring Solutions last month, she was concerned that the privately run job-placement service might focus more on the bottom line than the well-being of its clients. But the...

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