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Oct 1, 2007
When to Let Go
Tony Wanless

In creativity methodology, there’s a brutal aphorism that describes part of the creative process. “Killing your babies” is the jettisoning of those favourite phrases that were the initial impetus for innovation but no longer serve their purpose. Sometimes organizations and...

Oct 1, 2007
How to Innovate
Jessica Werb

Mingle The Internet. The airplane. Sliced bread. How on earth did they do it? Truth is, mythical “Eureka!” moments have very little to do with great breakthroughs in innovation. In fact, creating something new and exciting has less to do...

Sep 1, 2007
Signing the Executive Stars
Tony Wanless

Despite a common belief among many of these start-ups, it’s not the whiz-bang product or the graphics-laden business plan that attracts capital. It’s a management team that has the experience and ability to execute on the company’s strategy to build...

Aug 12, 2007
Vancouver Innovation: Comfortably Numb
Tony Wanless

While it's a good idea that I encourage, one observation I’ll make is that many of the ideas I’ve seen so far weren't really very innovative. Sure, some did familiar things in different ways, but there didn't seem to be many breakthrough visions. Nobody I’ve met was really breaking any...

Aug 1, 2007
How to Catch a Thief
Vicki O’Brien

Every business owner has trouble accepting that someone they know and trust might be ripping them off. But it happens all the time. Our fraud experts offer some useful tips on how to catch a thief and hopefully put an end to those sneaky inside jobs threatening your bottom line. Screen effectively:

Aug 1, 2007
Do Employees Have Their Hands in Your Pockets?
Vicki O’Brien

Kathleen’s house of cards came crashing down while she was at the cottage enjoying her summer vacation. A long-time employee in the accounts department of a multimillion-dollar B.C. manufacturing firm, she had quietly embezzled close to $1 million from her employer over the course of 10 years by creating a dummy company and submitting phony invoices for non-existent services.

Aug 1, 2007
Canpages Takes on Yellow Pages
Tony Wanless

In some business sectors, there’s an elephant that dominates to such an extent that its near-monopolistic position can crush any potential competition. The company is just too big and strong to take on directly. Sometimes though, small, nimble and smart potential competitors – mice if you will – see that elephantine size as weakness instead of strength.

Jul 29, 2007
Starting Your Dream Business Abroad
Valerie McTavish

We all have dreams of life in a tropical Shangri-La, but most of us never act on them. Meet some British Columbians who took the plunge and set up shop closer to the equator – only to be met with a dose of reality

Jul 20, 2007
B-Plan Sensationalism: All Hat, No Horse
Tony Wanless

All companies, whether it’s Bob’s Basement Startup or Humongous Corp., prepare business plans to map out how to make a business vision real. A B-Plan is really a photograph of the future, but too often it’s thrown badly out of...

Jul 16, 2007
Rapid Changes vs Murky Mental Models
Tony Wanless

One is a very rude Dutch word that translates as someone who has sex with ants. It describes a person with very limited vision. The other is the more elevated Law of Requisite Variety, taken from the study of Cybernetics.

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