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Manufacturing & Transport

Dec 9, 2016
Little Vancouver bus company makes it big in U.S.
Felicity Stone

The City of Porterville in California is purchasing 10 zero-emission electric transit buses from Vancouver-based GreenPower Motor Company, which will also install the charging infrastructure, including 11 charging stations. Porterville is a test site for an all-electric transit bus system...

Dec 5, 2016
The passive approach to reducing carbon emissions
Felicity Stone

Both the federal and provincial governments have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Canada by 30 per cent by 2030, and B.C. by 80 per cent by 2050. According to an analysis released on Monday by the Pacific Institute for Climate...

Nov 30, 2016
The perfect Christmas gift for the scientifically minded child
Marcie Good

Derek Wulff jokes that he has something in common with Apple founder Steve Jobs. “He started his toys business in his garage, as I did,” says the 59-year-old designer behind Victoria’s Pathfinder Toys, “and then he became gloriously, fabulously wealthy...

Nov 10, 2016
A Vancouver startup launches a new category with an old plant
Marcie Good

In August 2015, Arnaud Petitvallet and Max Rivest were visiting coffee farmers in Nicaragua, looking for a partner for their startup venture. They had an unusual proposition. Rather than the cherries, which contain green coffee beans, they wanted the leaves. “We...

Oct 27, 2016
Sugar's sweet place in the B.C. economy
Melissa Edwards

10 per cent. That’s roughly how much of Canada’s sugar production is created at the 13.5-acre Rogers sugar refinery complex on Vancouver’s waterfront—so when you sneak a treat this month from your Halloween cache, consider that the sweetness in those foil-wrapped chocolate eyeballs or spooky jelly worms may have originated close to home.

Oct 25, 2016
Infrastructure guru Jane Bird on lessons learned from Canada Line
Lucy Hyslop

She may have a reputation for tackling some of the most significant infrastructure projects in the province, but Jane Bird believes she’s an even greater heavy-metal fan than her peers actually realize. Bird—a lawyer by training—is the former CEO of Canada...

Oct 24, 2016
Metro Vancouver residents narrowly favour tolling all bridges: poll
Marcie Good

Toll all bridges Toll only new bridges Undecided Metro Vancouver Vancouver/North Shore Burnaby/Tri-cities/South of Fraser When the new Port Mann Bridge opened for traffic in 2012, with a fee for crossing, many cost-conscious drivers detoured to the toll-free Pattullo or Alex Fraser bridges. Now that the...

Sep 19, 2016
Are your newest hires properly trained?

BCBusiness + WorkSafeBC New employees are usually eager to get to work and show their value to their boss and co-workers. However, it's the job of a manager to temper that enthusiasm, and take the necessary time to familiarize all first-time workers with onsite safety procedures and work practices before giving...

Aug 4, 2016
Molson brewery is moving to Chilliwack
Felicity Stone

Molson Coors is moving its B.C. brewery to Chilliwack. In November 2015, the company sold its iconic Vancouver brewery, the largest in Western Canada, to developer Concord Pacific. On Thursday, Molson Coors announced that after months of discussions with municipalities throughout the province, it has chosen a 36-acre site on...

Jun 20, 2016
B.C. aerospace company takes over Bombardier’s water bomber business
J Parry

Bombardier will continue to make planes, trains and snowmobiles—but no more water bombers, thanks to a deal it’s inked with Viking Air Ltd. The North Saanich-area company has purchased Bombardier’s water bomber division which includes product support, parts and service for a fleet of 170 planes based in 11 countries...

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