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Corvus Energy | BCBusiness
Image by: Bernhard Holzmann

Congratulations to Corvus Energy, 2013's #7 Most Innovative Company in B.C.

To most people, batteries conjure images of the AAA that powers a TV remote, not a 70-kilogram power source for a ferry. But that’s precisely what’s so unique about Corvus Energy’s industrial lithium ion batteries: they can be quickly adapted to turn almost any kind of vehicle into a hybrid.

Originally developed to prevent tugboats from wasting fuel (and help protect the environment) while waiting for work, Corvus’s batteries are now used in airport vehicles, 18-wheelers and even in car-carrying ferries in Norway.

In addition to the batteries’ infinite uses, Corvus has also managed to create a unique and practical delivery process. According to Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Corvus, each battery is customized and delivered as a turnkey kit. Corvus ships each battery pack in a container with all the parts and detailed visual instructions so customers can install the units into their own vehicles in just a few hours. Corvus later deploys an employee to check on every battery to ensure it’s working properly.

Since Corvus first brought its industrial lithium ion batteries to market in 2010, revenues have grown each year, as have the uses for the product. Sales increased from $100,000 in 2010 to more than $43 million for the 2012 fiscal year.

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