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Digital agency Thinkingbox keeps it local at its new Gastown head office

When fast-growing digital agency Thinkingbox needed more space, they didn’t stray far from their roots 

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How to successfully rebrand your company

Darren Dahl, senior associate dean of UBC’s Sauder School of Business and director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, and Jason Dauphinee, creative director at Eclipse Creative in Victoria, discuss when, why and how to go about rebranding

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Four essential business lessons

How to regroup after disaster strikes, prepare for a rainy day, get a jump on an emerging industry and know when to walk away

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The November Agenda

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul

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How to Stop Worrying and Love the Solo Life | BCBusiness

How David Allison is embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle

Lessons from a corporate warrior who’s rediscovering his entrepreneurial roots 

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How to Make Your Mark Once the Founder Steps Away | BCBusiness

How Lululemon Continues to Make Its Mark After Chip Wilson Stepped Away

Lululemon’s new CEO may be the most low-key boss the company has ever known–but investors and employees alike seem to think that’s a good thing

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How to Admit You Picked the Wrong Leader | BCBusiness

How Two Iconic B.C. Institutions Handled Picking the Wrong Leader

Some ideas on what UBC and Telus could have done differently after dealing with unexpected leadership changes this summer

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