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Jan 13, 2017
5 Strategies to transform standard meetings into creative brainstorming sessions

BCBusiness + Vancouver Theatre Sports One of the best real-world examples for the ability to be creative while collaborating is improv comedy. But when it comes to an office setting or meeting, some employees feel unable to participate. While corporate employees may...

Jan 10, 2017
The power—and peril—of customer feedback
Steve Burgess

The Grand Canyon had better pull up its socks. Reviews are in, and they’re not good. Mother Jones magazine recently collected a series of one-star reviews for America’s national parks. In addition to the thumbs-down for the Canyon (not enough for...

Jan 6, 2017
DIY Management: What to know when hiring a foreign worker
Felicity Stone

If there’s a way to lawfully avoid Service Canada’s Labour Market Impact Assessment process, do it, advises Bruce Harwood. Labour mobility provisions in trade agreements like NAFTA eliminate LMIA requirements for certain occupations, most of which require a minimum baccalaureate degree.

Jan 1, 2017
Five crucial things to consider when buying a business

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP When it comes to buying a business, you want to make sure you have a championship team on your side. Depending on the business you are buying your team may include your accountant and income tax...

Dec 6, 2016
The connected mindset: A new way to work the room
Darcy Rezac et al.

In the summer of 1996, Cedric Steele attended a small dinner in honour of some senior American naval officers at the Empress Hotel. The past chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce was seated next to four-star Admiral Archie...

Sep 19, 2016
How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud at work
Felicity Stone

Occupational fraud involves three factors known as the “fraud triangle,” according to both Smith and Zitting. First is some sort of pressure or motive, such as needing money. The second is opportunity due to access without controls or oversight. “It’s not just cash or cheques or anything financial,” says Smith.

Sep 6, 2016
5 essential principles to help your business thrive

BCBusiness + RED Training “There are new, fast-moving technology start-ups that, virtually overnight, can overtake their largest competitor. This is how Airbnb has overtaken the Hyatt hotel group, how Uber has disrupted the taxi industry. It’s very hard to pivot when you have 5,000 or 50,000 employees across several continents, versus...

Aug 30, 2016
What to put on your business agenda in September
Felicity Stone

THE ONE NATIONAL CONFERENCE Presented by CPA Canada and CPA BC, the One Conference for CPAs offers “one powerful network, one unparallelled learning experience and one exceptional opportunity.” It also offers speakers on topics that include Taking Advantage of Tough Times; Forecast Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine or Lightning: Cloud...

Aug 23, 2016
B.C.'s private business roadmap: What the suits say

Despite global uncertainties, concerns about attracting and retaining employees and the cost of doing business abroad, leaders are an optimistic bunch. That’s the core finding from a survey conducted by BCBusiness with market researchers Insights West, in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP. The survey, conducted between June 2 and 14...

Aug 16, 2016
What companies need to know when expanding their business beyond Canada

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP Ryan Ayre specializes in delivering assurance, tax and business advisory services to both private and publicly traded Canadian and US companies, many with international operations. What are some of the important considerations for Canadian companies planning to expand business overseas? I think it is vital that management consider...

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