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Otto Folprecht | CEO of Vodis

Pot producers get creative as feds mull reforms

Over two dozen licensed producers built business plans upon new legislation governing medical marijuana. All that’s now up in the air 

A sneak peek into Expedia's new nautical-themed Vancouver office

Bursting at the seams, Expedia CruiseShipCenters found an office three times the size (and fun)

D-I-Y Management

5 tips on how to successfully take your company public

Thinking of taking your company public? Craig McMillan, partner, assurance, at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Peekaboo Beans founder and CEO Traci Costa, whose company is in the process of going public, walk you through it  

How far do you need to go to accommodate an employee?

How far does an employer have go to meet the special needs of an employee?

6 events and books to check out in March

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul

bcbusiness+ Willson International
Willson International

The Single Most Costly Error Importers and Exporters Make

Peter Willson, CEO of Willson International, discusses what companies need to manage so they can reap the benefits of the free trade agreements 

D-I-Y Management

5 things you need to know about flex work

Flex work is all the rage, but doing it right is tricky 

Check out this law office with killer views of Vancouver

How Whitelaw Twining got dramatic new offices without relocating 

Steve Jobs

What movies about business tell us about business

What films about business, and corporate skulduggery, reveal about leadership

5 tips for building a successful corporate culture

D-I-Y Management: Matthew Handford, chief people officer at Coast Capital Savings, and Gervase Bushe, Beedie School of Business professor, offer some suggestion


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