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Address: 4514 Eldorado Court, Kelowna
Price: $9,995,000
MLS: Jane Hoffman Group
The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 5,945-square-foot lakeside Okanagan property on just over an acre of land with 192 feet of waterfront.
The bling: You’ve been searching all your life for El Dorado—the holy grail of a property to fill your life with joy, riches and the rosy glow achieved only by knowing you have it all. Kelowna may not be everybody’s city of gold, but don’t let that dim your pride—take the naysayers out to drink in the three goldfish-and-lily-filled ponds with their cascading waterfalls. If this isn’t paradise, what is? And don’t worry if you don’t have the golden touch when it comes to gardening—that’s why you employ staff. Want them at your beck and call? There’s a suite handily situated above the garage that fits the bill. With its 200-year-old Douglas firs, expansive lawns and private patch of pebbled shoreline, it’s the perfect place to sit back, grab your guitar and channel Dean Martin: “Purple light in the canyons, That's where I long to be, With my three good companions, Just my rifle, my pony and me…” Oh, sorry. Wrong El Dorado.
The hidden extras: Four-car garage, gated entry, lighted dock with slip that can accommodate a houseboat and a lift for jet skis. Or, if you feel inspired by Dean, there’s likely a spot to tether that pony.