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May 13, 2020
How to be your own bartender: "Quarantini" advice and a recipe
Alyssa Hirose

After nearly two months of accessing your work remotely, setting up video calls and doing every puzzle you can get your hands on, you deserve a drink. And not one of those sad high-balls crafted from the dregs of your...

May 12, 2020
Here’s your chance to weigh in on BC’s Restart Plan
By the Editors

Last week, Premier John Horgan announced BC’s Restart Plan, which outlines the next stage of managing the COVID-19 pandemic and how the province will begin getting people back to work. In its third Pulse Check survey, the BC Chamber of Commerce wants to hear what you expect to happen under the new guidelines...

May 11, 2020
Getting creative in a pandemic: Nala moves from pits to palms
Alyssa Hirose

“We are definitely not the first to think of this,” says Ada Juristovski, co-founder of Nala. “And if anything, it’s something we are proud to be part of.” The Vancouver-based skincare brand has specialized in natural deodorant since it launched in...

May 10, 2020
18 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Pivot support, gin for a good cause and much more
Darian Kovacs

The first week of May has come and gone, bringing us closer to the potential reduction of social distancing measures. As businesses weigh the decision to reopen, we can start to look for ways to recover from the destruction caused by COVID-19. No matter what lies ahead, let’s keep supporting each...

May 8, 2020
Opinion: 5 tips for better communications during the next phase of COVID-19
Kylie McMullan and Julia Smith

COVID-19 has created many new challenges for companies, and communications are no exception. Among the questions that businesses have grappled with: what to communicate, when to say it, with what tone and how often? The next phase of the pandemic, with governments at home and abroad looking to start reopening the economy, will also bring its own set of challenges.

May 8, 2020
How to be your own hairdresser: Cutting your bangs (with video)
Alyssa Hirose

You’ve read the DIY blogs. You’ve watched the YouTube disasters. Now it’s time to make the cut. For all the brave souls taking scissors into their own hands during this difficult time, independent senior stylist and Blanche Macdonald Hair graduate Lara...

May 8, 2020
Getting creative in a pandemic: Drop Manufacturing enters the face-shield market
Nick Rockel

For Drop Manufacturing, joining the fight against COVID-19 was a natural fit. “What we’re really strong at is engineering through to manufacturing,” says founder and CEO Anders Malpass, whose company is now making face shields for front-line workers. “So understanding how to make a product, take the outcome of that product and then develop the most simplistic way of manufacturing it for the outcome.”

May 7, 2020
Opinion: Top 3 priorities for small businesses in crisis
David Gens

Never in modern history has the stress level for business owners been as high as it is today. I believe that almost every small business across the globe is in some form of crisis management. Some have the good fortune...

May 6, 2020
New Vancouver shoe brand tiptoes into business
Alyssa Hirose

Lorraine Ng’s family has been in the shoe business for 30 years, but no amount of experience could have prepared her for the COVID-19 outbreak in B.C.—which coincided perfectly with her company’s kickoff. While her family’s business is factory-based, Ng’s...

May 5, 2020
How to be your own barista: Tips, tricks and tools of the trade
Alyssa Hirose

Crafting your own caffeinated beverage is cheaper, safer (#thanksCOVID-19) and more brag-worthy than hitting up your local café—unfortunately, it’s also a lot more daunting. Shahnee Zaver, general manager at Vancouver’s Caffe La Tana, offered us her wisdom on being our...

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