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Feb 15, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $5 million to start your kids off on the right foot
Fiona Morrow

Address: 6398 Elm Street, Vancouver Price: $4,998,000 Listing: R2236114 The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,538-square-foot house on an 8,140-square-foot lot in tony Kerrisdale. The bling: Yes, it’s that time: the kids are graduating and, while there are acres of room in your palatial family home, you want...

Feb 15, 2018
Metro Vancouver industrial availability rates plummet: report
By the Editors

A report released by CBRE Group Inc. shows that Metro Vancouver has the second-lowest industrial availability rate in the country. The area saw a decrease in the fourth quarter of 2017 to 2.3 percent, slightly ahead of Toronto’s 2.2. CBRE predicts...

Feb 15, 2018
Weekend Warrior: Husein Rahemtulla
as told to Felicity Stone

I’ve played soccer and squash since I was very young. I played both at a competitive level because I am supercompetitive. That translated well into poker later on. It started out in high school, where we used to play home...

Feb 14, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: 4 kinds of leaders
David MacLean

Do you know what kind of leader you are? Do you know the difference between how you are naturally wired to lead and how you choose to lead? There are myriad models explaining the various kinds of leadership styles, management roles...

Feb 14, 2018
Why B.C.'s Anandia Labs could be the leading cannabis company in North America
Andrew Findlay

Bright grow lights beam upon shelves filled with lush marijuana plants, bursting with buds and ready for harvest. Jonathan Page points out a specimen that to my eye looks identical to the neighbouring flora. But this leafy and fragrant individual...

Feb 13, 2018
Q&A with Michele Romanow, CBC Dragon and co-founder of Clearbanc
Nathan Caddell

Michele Romanow turned 30 the same year she was given a chair on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. It’s a remarkable achievement considering that her business career began nine years earlier when she started a zero-consumer-waste coffee shop with two fellow Queen’s University students. So began the life of a serial entrepreneur, as...

Feb 13, 2018
5 most popular Canadian biz books from the week of February 5 to 11
Munro’s Books

Best-selling business titles provided by Munro’s Books, 1108 Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

Feb 13, 2018
DIY Management: How to handle office romances
Felicity Stone

1. Accept human naturePeople spend so much time at work that it’s inevitable they become friends, Pau notes. “What’s the difference between becoming best friends versus becoming boyfriend and girlfriend?” she asks. Anderson points out that there’s nothing inherently wrong...

Feb 9, 2018 hopes to prepare entrepreneurs for the next phase
Nathan Caddell

The idea of selling a company that you built yourself from scratch, relying mostly on your own blood, sweat and tears, can seem counterintuitive to some. But for those in the technology sector, it’s a fact of life. “It’s really not about putting your company on the auction block; it’s about understanding...

Feb 9, 2018
Numerology: Digging into B.C.’s cargo and warehousing industry
Melissa Edwards

That’s how many people work in the B.C. transportation and warehousing industry—and judging by the focus of this month’s Cargo Logistics Canada conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre, they need to prepare for a sea change brought on by robotics...

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