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Aug 1, 2007
Hastings Racetrack: Let it Ride
Kevin Chong

For sheer excitement and drama, nothing beats Hastings racetrack. And getting in on the action with a horse of your own can cost as little as a few hundred dollars a month (if you’re willing to share). But be warned; you could get trampled.

Aug 1, 2007
Do Employees Have Their Hands in Your Pockets?
Vicki O’Brien

Kathleen’s house of cards came crashing down while she was at the cottage enjoying her summer vacation. A long-time employee in the accounts department of a multimillion-dollar B.C. manufacturing firm, she had quietly embezzled close to $1 million from her employer over the course of 10 years by creating a dummy company and submitting phony invoices for non-existent services.

Aug 1, 2007
Michael Mercer
Jessica Werb

Is this your day-to-day look? I actually dress in jeans and T-shirt on my way to work, but I always keep a suit hanging up in the office, just in case. If there’s a broker meeting or I need to...

Aug 1, 2007
How to Get Your Career Groove Back
Jessica Werb

Careers are like a long-term relationship: there’s that initial honeymoon period, where the possibilities seem endless; the comfy stage, when contentment reigns; and finally the easing into a routine that can start to get old and leave you wondering if...

Aug 1, 2007
Canpages Takes on Yellow Pages
Tony Wanless

In some business sectors, there’s an elephant that dominates to such an extent that its near-monopolistic position can crush any potential competition. The company is just too big and strong to take on directly. Sometimes though, small, nimble and smart potential competitors – mice if you will – see that elephantine size as weakness instead of strength.

Jul 29, 2007
Aerial Filming: He shoots He Soars
Ken Hegan

Every great film has a helicopter shot. You can look it up. Picture the panoramic opening of The Sound of Music when the camera swoops over the Alps to find Julie Andrews singing her nun heart out. Or James Bond skiing off a cliff in The Spy Who Loved Me. Or that episode in North by Northwest where a low-flying crop-duster terrorizes the normally unflappable Cary Grant. These scenes were all shot from a helicopter, the one indispensable tool of...

Jul 29, 2007
Starting Your Dream Business Abroad
Valerie McTavish

We all have dreams of life in a tropical Shangri-La, but most of us never act on them. Meet some British Columbians who took the plunge and set up shop closer to the equator – only to be met with a dose of reality

Jul 29, 2007
Slideshow: Behind the Canada line
BCBusiness D.B.

Text by Jessica Werb Photo essay by Dina Goldstein Where traffic once flowed unhindered downtown and along Cambie Street, drivers are now confronted by an ever-changing spectacle of menacing machines, gaping pits and orange-clad workers. Commuters are the rats caught in this maze. They awake every morning determined to get...

Jul 29, 2007
Luxury Golf Development: Fore Star Resorts
By Robert Thompson

Jack Nicklaus may be a legendary sports figure, but on a crisp, clear day in Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the man some consider the greatest golfer in the history of the game is not trying to find the fairway or put one in the back of the cup.

Jul 22, 2007
Vancouver Gaming Industry: Digital Warfare
Shawn Conner

It’s an impressive group – including Rory Armes, senior VP and GM of Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. and Kelly Zmak, president of Radical Entertainment Inc. The hot topic they’re here to discuss is “The Future of Gaming, Cinematics and Storytelling in Games.” Most of these senior execs are upbeat, and why...

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