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Nov 5, 2008
Bright Lights, Big City
By Myles Murchison

I tell people I live in White Rock because – as an old art director of mine liked to say – living in White Rock means you’ll never have to say you’re Surrey. So this is my confession: White Rock is about four blocks down the street. I’m more comfortable...

Nov 5, 2008
Post Secondary: Change of Course
By Andrew Findlay

Andy Longhurst is just the kind of student a university dean would love to have on campus. Bright, motivated and discerning, Longhurst started researching his post-secondary plans well before receiving a high-school diploma from the principal at Point Grey Secondary in June 2008. When it was time to start filling...

Nov 5, 2008
Waiting for the Train
BCBusiness D.B.

Few organizations are weighted with as many societal problems as a regional transportation authority. Whether it’s rising fuel prices, traffic congestion or climate change, the called-for solution is often to get more people on trains and buses. That’s certainly the line B.C.’s provincial government has taken, pledging more than $14...

Nov 4, 2008
The French Connection
Peter Severinson

Xantrex Technology Inc. has been a B.C. success story for years, selling specialty electronics to renewable energy projects around the world – especially to solar power projects. But as with so many B.C. tech successes, it’s now owned by a foreign giant, after a $500-million sale to France’s Schneider Electric...

Nov 4, 2008
Botox at the Dentist
Susan Hollis

Botox? Typically, the only filling dentists do is of dental cavities, not wrinkles. That might have been the case until 2007, but, under pressure from dentists such as Victoria’s Rachel Staples, regular tooth doctors can now administer cosmetic injectables. “I...

Nov 4, 2008
Growing a Greener Graveyard
Brennan Clarke

For such a small plot of land, Royal Oak Burial Park’s groundbreaking natural woodland burial site sure has created a big stir. Wedged into just two-tenths of a hectare bordered by towering pines and rust-red arbutus trees at the northern tip of the sprawling 55-hectare property, the scenic slip of...

Nov 4, 2008
Travelling to Bishop, California
Masa Takei

I’m splayed out, legs quivering, on a vertical granite face. Climbing shoes pasted on dimples of rock, fingertips slowly greasing off thin edges, I don’t so much fall as step off the dump-truck-sized boulder that I’m clinging to and scuff back over the sandy ground to my friends picnicking nearby.

Nov 4, 2008
What Women Entrepreneurs Want
Dorothy Bartoszewski

Theresa Siochowicz may have chosen an unusual field for her foray, but she’s completely “on trend” with her gutsy move to entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest-growing segments of the Canadian economy, starting four of every five new...

Nov 4, 2008
In the Bag
Steven Schelling

Thanks to recent technological advancements, many laptops can now fit neatly inside a manila envelope. But just because you can tote a computer around in an inter-office packet doesn’t mean you should. Putting aside purely aesthetic arguments (the first being that it’s near impossible to match your shoes to a manila envelope), there are several practical reasons to invest in a dedicated laptop bag: protection from shocks and spills, adjustable shoulder straps, compartments for peripherals and the like. Below, a...

Nov 4, 2008
B.C. Film Commission: All in the Family
Ian Caddell

If you look closely as you drive through the Lower Mainland’s more picturesque neighbourhoods, you can still see the red arrows hanging from the street lights. There may not be as many as there were 10 years ago, but they still wave like tiny victory flags, offering direction to film...

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