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Feb 2, 2007
B.C. Workplace: The Humane Economy
Ann Coombs

In 10 to 20 years, the Vancouver workplace will be guided as much by today’s emerging ethical priorities as by new technology. The upcoming generation of leaders will place ethics and sustainability at the top of their list of priorities, alongside revenue and profits. As for technology, the convergence of computers and telephones will be seamless, smart buildings will be the norm and intelligent robots will be so commonplace that they may finally disappear from futurists’ projections.

Feb 1, 2007
Elizabeth Theriault: Just for Kicks
As told to Jessica Werb

I don’t. I appreciate the successful landing of a technique, no matter who’s receiving it. I do mixed martial arts three times a week at a dojo in Port Moody. It’s a very serious club; the guy that runs it...

Jan 2, 2007
Unravelling an Investment Spin
Patrick Wolfe

If someone suggested that you should invest in a business based on the production of spider-silk proteins by transgenic goats, you might feel that they were weaving a bit of a tangled web themselves. In fact, such a company did exist.

Jan 1, 2007
Carole Taylor B.C. Minister of Finance
Jessica Werb

How did you piece this ensemble together? I like to mix and match. The leather jacket is from somewhere like Club Monaco or Banana Republic, the skirt’s St. John Knits and this is just a Gap T-shirt. My choices tend to be things that stand up pretty well no matter...

Jan 1, 2007
How to Navigate the Career 180
Jessica Werb

Considering an extreme career makeover? You’re not alone: according to the Canadian Federal Labour Standards Review Commission, most Canadians will have about three careers and eight jobs over their lifetime. And given the current labour shortage, there’s no better time to start exploring your options. So take a deep breath and follow this advice from the experts on how to pull off a career U-turn.

Jan 1, 2007
Labour Pains: Worker Prosperity or Slavery?
Bonnie Makarewicz

Is this so-called labour shortage a gateway to prosperity or a ticket to slave labour? Marcos Baac came to B.C. for a job he couldn’t find back home in Mexico. Last January, he and a crew of his compatriots started work at the Golden Eagle Group berry farm in Pitt...

Jan 1, 2007
Innovative Change: Surviving on the Bleeding Edge
Tony Wanless

It’s a fine balance between being innovative and finding yourself too far ahead of the market – the proverbial “bleeding edge” instead of the sweet spot just ahead of the masses that offers the best chance of success. Perching on...

Jan 1, 2007
Arthur Griffiths
David Jordan

This time around, though, it’s not a radio-and-television empire like the one his father built that Griffiths is aiming for, but an Internet portal that he believes is a pioneer in the coming age of online broadcasting. Remember the Hornby Island eagle cam that attracted upwards of three million viewers a...

Jan 1, 2007
Florida Travel: Taking the Mickey
John Lee

It’s just before 7 p.m., the sun is languidly setting behind Cinderella’s Castle and the assembled media are awaiting an alfresco announcement launching Disney World’s latest space-themed ride. Stuffed with mewling and puking minors for much of the day, the Orlando park has been closed since 3 p.m. for this private...

Dec 2, 2006
The Bad Boss List
Vicki O’Brien

Welcome to the workplace from hell. On any given day the boss flies into a screaming tantrum, kicking or hitting staff over minor infractions. She rules with an iron fist, berates and belittles employees in public, hires and fires at whim and refuses references to those who quit in disgust.

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