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Nov 4, 2008
Economic Crisis? What Crisis?
Bob Rennie

We’ve all seen the newsreel by now. John and Hillary Smith, standing in the driveway in front of their new Hummer, crying how unfair it all is that they’re losing their home, car and credit. They bought with a “No Decs No Docs” mortgage – a mortgage approved in America...

Nov 4, 2008
The Cheap Guy Rides Again
Tony Wanless

In another movie, I wrote a newspaper column called The Cheap Guy , which advocated that we all get off the spending merry-go-round and bring simplicity and frugality into our lives. This frugality movement had an interesting, almost cult-like, run. We lived – some of us still do – by...

Nov 4, 2008
Jim Green
by Peter Severinson

The Queen Charlotte Islands may be far from the clamour and chaos of Vancouver, where Jim Green ran for mayor against Sam Sullivan in 2005, but Green’s new job as CEO of the Misty Isles Economic Development Society offers a familiar mix of social and economic obstacles with which to...

Nov 4, 2008
How to Dissolve a Business Partnership
Susan Hollis

After a long run, you’ve decided to fly solo with your business, which means leaving a partner or associate behind. Extricating yourself from the relationship without a costly legal battle can be done, but it takes careful planning and diplomacy.

Nov 1, 2008
How Are We Doing?
Steve Burgess

Once I took a cab to the Cairo Airport. It was a better-than-average cab for Cairo, which meant less than 30 years old with working seatbelts. Mohammed, the driver, was a genial fellow, but it was all strategic. He spent the hour-long trip relentlessly congratulating himself for every minor development...

Oct 27, 2008
Recessive Economy: Tumultuous Times
Tony Wanless

The economic turmoil that’s affecting the U.S. isn’t here yet, but, because we’re so integrated today, every business in North America and beyond will be affected by the new economic climate blowing out of the States. But in chaos there are always opportunities. And if you’re quick, smart and brave...

Oct 22, 2008
Video: EOY Winners Flashback
BCBusiness Online

A fashion savvy businessman bringing couture into the Canadian retail scene took the title of the overall winner of the BCBusiness 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Award this year, but past winners took the same spotlight for very different...

Oct 20, 2008
Vancouver Prostitution: The Truth Isn't Sexy
Peter Severinson

An article I wrote on prostitution for BCBusiness was published this month, and just as it hit the stands a series of ads from the Salvation Army titled "The Truth Isn't Sexy" appear around town, even within the pages of...

Oct 10, 2008
Video: The EOY nominees
by BCBusiness Online

Brian Hill President and CEO, Aritzia LP John & Lottie Davis AG Hair Cosmetics Davis Yung Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. Ron McNeil & Ivan Harmatny Lower Mainland Steel Ross Beaty Pan American Silver Corp. Brian Hill's acceptance speech Interview with Brian Hill Clarence Louis Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corp. Kevin Ham Reinvent...

Oct 10, 2008
Video: Interview with Robert Lee
by BCBusiness Online

Robert Lee, the founder and president of the Prospero Group, has won the Lifetime Achievement Award at 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The UBC graduate co-founded Wall Financial Corp. in 1966 before setting off on his own to found the Prospero Group in 1979. In 1987 he founded UBC...

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