Dates: Jun 12, 2019 to Jun 13, 2019
Location: Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 West Hastings, Vancouver

Housing affordability in Greater Vancouver has been a thorn in the side of all involved in the highly complex field for the bulk of this century with no achievable solution in sight.

But that is not deterring those seeking a solution, and the Vancouver Urban Forum will host a conference on ways of achieving affordable housing markets and will champion input from younger people and economists.

The aim is to challenge perceptions, explore new suggestions on increasing housing affordability in the city and hear the voices, concerns and ideas of those most likely to be most impacted.  All of who face the challenge of finding affordable accommodation.

Chaired by Julian Prieto, the conference will include the deputy chief economist of CMHC in Ottawa, Adrian Aled ab Iorwerth and a prominent housing organizer from San Francisco, Sonja Trauss.

Other participants include:
• UBC professor Adrian Pavlov, real estate financial specialist
• UBC professor Tsur Somerville, Real Estate Foundation of BC and professor in real estate
• James Tansey, executive director, Centre of Social innovation and impact investing
• Professor Joshua Gottlieb, who has written extensively on the economics of cities
• Thomas Davidoff, researcher in real estate finance at the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate 
• Dr. Elisabeth Gugl, economist from University of Victoria (via video)
• Zak Mndebele, UBC international relations student

Topics to be addressed include:
• Are more taxes the right way to achieve affordability?
• Why is housing so expensive?
• What is the most important thing we can do now to improve affordability?