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LNG leaders converge to discuss the latest trends and opportunities facing the industry

UBC Sauder Executive Education has partnered with UBC Centre for Environmental Assessment Research, Warwick Business School, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, LNG Canada and the Province of British Columbia to offer LNG in Canada: Global Challenges and Local Opportunity, an interactive 2.5-day program that will explore the global challenges and local opportunities related to developing a liquified natural gas (LNG) sector in Western Canada.

This interactive executive education program will explore the challenges and opportunities of the global energy transition. Participants will work with industry and global academic leaders from around the world to learn what they need to know to succeed in a rapidly changing environment that demands immediate action but will ultimately reward long-term commitments.

British Columbia’s natural gas has the potential to offset coal consumption in Asia and bridge the gap to a fully renewable global energy sector. This program will stimulate discussions and reflections on the issues that will shape the scale of economic development related to LNG exports.

“The local opportunity has to be understood against the global challenges,” says Michael Bradshaw, Warwick Business School, and one of three faculty leads facilitating the program. “That’s the theme of this program and we have to think about how B.C., Western Canada and Canada more generally fit into that bigger picture.”

Participants will learn more from renowned experts and thought leaders in this field while building dialogue on the environmental, social and governance impacts—the anchor points for the program.

“What we want to do is think deeply, connect with experts, talk to industry leaders, get shared perspectives and have frank and sometimes challenging conversations about what the LNG industry means for British Columbia,” says Justin Bull, UBC Sauder School of Business.

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LNG in Canada: Global Challenges and Local Opportunity will provide participants with an understanding of the current status of natural gas in the global energy system and it is potential role in the unfolding energy system. Facilitators and guest speakers will explore with participants an assessment of the current standing the global LNG industry and prospects and challenges facing the industry in the coming decade and beyond.

Throughout the program, participants will analyze the market access challenge that currently confronts Canada’s gas industry and the possible routes to new markets, and the group will discuss the key issues that will shape the scale of the economic opportuning provided by LNG exports in Western Canada, namely: governance, environmental sustainability and economic impact.

“We cannot instantly move to low or no carbon power production, but LNG needs to be part of the critical transition we must make for future generations,” says Kevin Hanna, Centre for Environmental Assessment Research at UBC.

Given that the LNG project represents the single largest private sector investment in BC’s history, the program will be relevant for a wide range of stakeholders from the public and private sector. 

Led by Global Thought Leaders

The program, aimed at engaging stakeholders from across the LNG spectrum, will be facilitated by the following three faculty leads:

Michael Bradshaw, Warwick Business School: Global energy, strategy and International business

Justin Bull, UBC Sauder School of Business: Supply chain management and sustainability

Kevin Hanna, Centre for Environmental Assessment Research at UBC: Environmental impact assessment

In addition to these faculty co-leads, the program will bring together industry experts and academics from around the world to engage in meaningful and deep discussion on the role that LNG can play in the drive to decarbonize the planet.

Featured Guest Speakers

Susannah Pierce, Director, Corporate Affairs, LNG Canada

Jim Henderson, Director of the Natural Gas Programme, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, UK

Tatiana Mitrova, Director, Energy Centre, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, Russia and Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, UK

Mike Fulwood, Chairman of the International Gas Union’s Gas Pricing Group and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

LNG in Canada: Global Challenges and Local Opportunity

UBC Robson Square

Feb 26 - 28, 2020 $1,895 + 5% GST

Learn more about the program and additional speakers at sauder.ubc.ca/LNG

Opening Day, February 26: Cocktail Networking Reception hosted by BCBusiness

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with UBC Sauder School of Business