September 2018

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Sep 26, 2018
Go Figure: Is B.C. farmland a good investment?
Melissa Edwards

B.C. farmland can be a sound investment­—especially if you’re a speculator looking for tax breaks

Sep 24, 2018
If the Shoe Fits: Five B.C. retailers put their best foot forward
Felicity Stone

Beginning with logging footwear in 1946, Dayton Boots, still located in the same factory store on Vancouver’s Hasting Street, now manufactures a range of styles for men and women. Options include stock (standardized style and sizing), made-to-order (standard sizing, choice of heights, leathers and trim) and bespoke (custom last). From $395; $194 extra for made-to-order, $1,000 for bespoke. Renée Macdonald, founder...

Sep 21, 2018
Craft Beer Wars: The fight to stay relevant in a crowded marketplace
Nathan Caddell

The scene at Central City Brewers and Distillers’ downtown Vancouver brew pub doesn’t exactly look like something that will reverberate around the province. On this May morning, a couple of TV crews are on hand, setting up tripods while a few other journalists mill around, clutching leather notebooks. Bar staff go about their day as usual, cleaning countertops and changing taps. In...

Sep 20, 2018
Travel: The best tips for packing light
Charlene Rooke

Jennifer and Stephen Bailey, Cursor & ThreadThey’re making old-timey sartorialism casual-chic again, with dandy button-on suspenders and ties, scarves and pocket squares in cool fabrics, from linen to Japanese cotton. This Vancouver couple travel stylishly, efficiently and carry-on-only when visiting their stockists, from Regina to Reykjavik. Jen favours packing cubes and lightweight totes from Muji, and rocks cotton bandanas. “They...

Sep 19, 2018
Lunch with Vancouver's first film commissioner David Shepheard
Lucy Hyslop

For the fourth time in his 20-year career, David Shepheard has set up a film commission office from scratch. The British transplant landed in Vancouver from London in late 2016 as one of only 350 film commissioners worldwide, to promote the city’s ability to do it all, from script to post-production. Where once Shepheard might just have shown off a...

Sep 17, 2018
Problem Solved: Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt plants a new strategy
Felicity Stone

We are developing a plant-based yogurt to extend our dairy brand. How do we position our products so the plant-based yogurt is viewed as neither a lesser option for non-dairy eaters who have no alternative, nor as superior to dairy? We hope the same consumers will buy both styles to enjoy at different times.” —Scott and Merissa DiGiustini, owners, Tree Island...

Sep 14, 2018
How small businesses with Asian ambitions can profit from Hong Kong’s B.C. connections
Nick Rockel

One warm night in downtown Hong Kong, I’m sipping a Japanese session IPA with the head of the local Vancouver Canucks fan club. Thomas Lau owns this joint: Coedo Taproom, a stylish resto-bar on a back street in the bustling Causeway Bay district.Lau, president of NextStep Gourmet Group, gripes about the city’s high rents, long lineups, cramped living quarters, volatile...

Sep 12, 2018
Entry Level: Colliers agent Peter Muench finds homes for burgeoning tech firms
Nathan Caddell

The fall after he graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an MA in economics, Peter Muench started work as an associate at the Vancouver branch of Toronto-based real estate giant Colliers International. That was five years ago. Since then, the North Vancouver native has overseen countless deals, most involving local tech businesses moving into new offices.

Sep 11, 2018
Big Trouble in Little B.C.: Does China pose a threat to our province?
Ng Weng Hoong

As he moves to consolidate power at home, Xi Jinping is sowing doubt abroad. From Asia to North America, other countries were already questioning the motives of an increasingly assertive China. Now President Xi’s war on corruption—a key justification for extending his rule indefinitely at last March’s National People’s Congress—has created a new China threat for business partners and even...

Sep 10, 2018
How saving on daycare helped a B.C. family afford a bigger home
Anne Casselman

Tiffany Ottahal, a working mother of two children aged three and one, knows how lucky she is. Her son and daughter are in licensed child care, and she and her husband own, together with the bank, the roof over their heads. But those blessings are hard-won. Earlier this year, the Ottahals were making a go of it in a two-bedroom Burnaby...

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