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2011 Best Companies to Work For in B.C.

Employers throughout the province may be scrambling to attract talent, but that's not a problem for one of this year's Best Companies winners, which reports a turnover rate close to zero. Take some tips from the cream of the crop as winners of our 10th annual Best Companies competition share their secrets.


The China Factor

China's booming economy has created a seemingly insatiable demand for B.C. lumber. Now that it's cranking above pre-recession levels, B.C.'s forestry industry has just one question: Can it last?
by Brian McLeod

Cause and Effect

It's been an industrious 20 years for tree huggers in pinstripes, defenders of spotted owls and killers whales. The lawyers at Ecojustice, the former Sierra Legal Defense Fund, are coming of age, and redefining Canadian environmental law in the process.
by Anne Casselman

Living Small

Those laneway houses sprouting up all over Vancouver are either the perfect antidote to urban sprawl or a blight on our leafy Old World neighbourhoods, depending on which side of the fence you sit on – but who lives in them, and do they make economic sense?
by Daniel Wood

Profile: Jane and Steven Cox

When Vancouver was considered hicksville for the in-the-know design crowd, Jane and Steven Cox staked claim and established a West Coast beachhead for modern culture.
by Jackie Wong

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