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Vancouver’s first app-based tutor and student matching service offers students and parents peace of mind

The world has changed a great deal in the past two years, but the most resilient business models have continued to thrive. Take TUEX, for example. It is Vancouver’s only app-based, Uber-like service matching qualified, knowledgeable and passionate tutors with students of all ages and abilities. Once matched, tutoring takes place in home, in a mutually agreed-upon public place or, more recently, online.

“Since the pandemic, more people are looking for tutoring services and online education,” says TUEX founder and principle, Alfred Chien. “Without peer support, students don’t learn at the same level. As a result, parents are looking for tutoring classes to supplement children’s school-based learning, but we believe learning should be a tailor-made, goal-centred service.”

That is exactly what makes TUEX different and gives it an edge. Its students are individuals seeking help in all academic subjects and some non-academic fields, such as piano, language or driving lessons. The curriculum follows provincial and regulatory requirements, but it takes the process up a notch by focusing on specific, individual needs.

tuex-2TUEX Education“Our tutors can address anything arising from school-based learning, like math or reading, or it can be tailored to address a specific skill. For example, maybe a student excels in reading, but needs help being more creative with their writing. Everyone has unique needs, and that what TUEX is for.”

Tutors must provide proof of their qualifications and education and valid criminal record checks. If they pass the screening and their qualifications check out, they can create a profile highlighting their skills, areas of expertise, certifications and other relevant details. Students browse the profiles by subject or tutor, see the tutor’s availability and book appointments. After they receive services, students can rate tutors.

TUEX tutors’ pricing schedule is more flexible than the average prices set by private tutors and other tutoring centres. “Our tutors will set their own prices so students and parents can have more options,” Chien says.

TUEX Education was founded in 2018 in response to industry demand and lack of accessible services. A few years prior, Chien, who has logged hundreds of hours in the non-profit sector, envisioned a foundation that could help underprivileged youth obtain tutoring services. He established the TUEX Foundation under the BC Society Act and then went to work building a successful business to support this vision.

“We believe education changes a person and can change lives,” Chien says. “When you look around, it tends to be people who are well-educated who have good-paying, sustainable jobs. Education is key to the next generation having a better life. That means changing the starting line.”

tuex-3TUEX EducationAnd changing it, he is. In April of this year, TUEX will receive the Best Companies Award in Las Vegas at the Education 2.0 Conference, which celebrates trailblazers in education. At this event, Chien will be awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award, and he will speak on “Tutoring Centres and their Limitations: How tailor-made education creates stronger, independent learners”.

TUEX is also a Certified B Corp, which means the company donates 1% of its revenue to support underprivileged learners.

“As long as you are using TUEX, you are helping to build a better community for all,” Chien says. “We are not just here to make money; we are here to make the world a better place.”

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