In our new series, the co-founder and CEO of Open Ocean Robotics shares her thoughts on how organizations can foster innovation

To honour the contenders in our inaugural Women of the Year competition, we’ve created video interviews with the winners in all six categories.

The series kicks off with the Innovator winner: Julie Angus, co-founder and CEO of Open Ocean Robotics. We caught up with Angus via Zoom at the offices of her Victoria-based company, which makes solar-powered autonomous boats. “They can go out in the ocean for months at a time, collecting information about our oceans that’s important to better understanding them,” she says. As a result, ocean industries can operate more effectively and we can protect our marine environment, Angus explains.

The other five videos will roll out through December. For profiles of all the 2020 Women of the Year winners and finalists, click here. Congratulations to everyone.

And thank you to the judges—Katie Baker, Laurel Douglas, Jill Earthy and Tina Strehlke—for their time and effort. We’re also grateful for the support of our generous sponsor, the Women’s Enterprise Centre.

The 2021 Women of the Year Awards are open for nominations until January 6. There’s no fee to enter, and you can find all the details here.