BCBusiness Innovators 2012, Blenz Coffee Ltd. | BCBusiness

BCBusiness Innovators 2012, Blenz Coffee Ltd. | BCBusiness
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Congratulations to Blenz Coffee Ltd., #13 in 2012's Most Innovative Companies in B.C.

What sets Blenz apart from the ever-increasing list of corporate coffee houses in B.C. is the desire of its founders to do more for customers than simply stimulate their taste buds. “Anything that makes people’s lives easier is something that Blenz is interested in investigating,” comments co-founder Sarah Moen.

As our Innovators panellist David Ian Gray explains, on the level of daily operations, that means that Blenz, “is really at the forefront and has some pretty interesting adaptations of technology.” For example, during last June’s Stanley Cup riots, Blenz used its corporate Twitter account to live-tweet information and warnings to its Vancouver followers. And during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Blenz hired bloggers from all over the city to provide fresh daily content about their experience of the Games. The latest innovation involves digital menu boards at Blenz locations announcing up-to-the-moment deals at each location.

With 62 cafés throughout B.C., Blenz is also no slacker in product innovation. Its most recent introduction is the Matcha Latte, made by combining ground Japanese green tea leaves with milk.