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Mar 3, 2017
Is the MBA a key to entrepreneurial success?
Dee Hon

Fraser Pogue earned his MBA and jumped into risk analysis, but you won’t catch him wearing pinstripes to work. A power suit isn’t exactly proper attire when you’re heli-skiing in powder. Pogue is spending the winter in the B.C.

Feb 27, 2017
Why B.C. dentists are turning to big business to set up shop
Felicity Stone

If you’re one of B.C.’s 3,400-odd dentists, chances are you run your own business. But several trends, from crushing student debt to the rising price of setting up shop, are paving the way for large corporate dental groups to push...

Feb 16, 2017
How an MBA boosts your career long-term

BCBusiness + SFU Beedie We expect to find recruiters buzzing about graduation ceremonies. It’s one reason why 90 per cent of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) grads are hired into well-paying gigs within three months of tossing their caps into the...

Jan 30, 2017
Searching for a sustainable career?

BCBusiness + Thompson Rivers University Over the past decade, the job market in Canada’s burgeoning sustainability sector has experienced unprecedented growth. According to Environmental Careers Organization Canada, there are more than 50,000 sustainability professionals working in the country, with a projected...

Jan 13, 2017
What to put on your business agenda in February
Jenny Peng

Science of Cocktails Fancy yourself a mixologist? Shake it up at Science World when 25 top Vancouver bartenders demonstrate the chemistry, biology and physics behind modern cocktails and cuisine. Tickets–proceeds support Science World’s class field trips for underserved Lower Mainland...

Jan 11, 2017
The importance of employer branding
Cissy Pau

Companies often spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or even millions, of dollars to establish their marketing brand: defining their unique selling proposition, determining how to set their products or services apart from their competitors and identifying how to...

Jan 6, 2017
Why do men resist jobs in female-dominated industries?
Marcie Good

Disappearing U.S. jobs, like machine operator, locomotive firer and vehicle electronics installer are mostly done by men. The occupations that are growing, like health aide, employ mostly women. More than a fifth of American men aren't working, yet they aren't...

Jan 3, 2017
Why are employees who work in small businesses happier?
Cissy Pau

It is generally believed that happy employees are more productive and more engaged. Companies that strive to keep their employees happy and satisfied will have a greater ability to attract and retain talent and, hopefully, will achieve greater organizational success. There is plenty of research on what makes employees happy at...

Dec 13, 2016
5 cool coworking spaces in B.C.
Bianca Bujan

The Network Hub offers affordable and secure shared office space rentals, which can be booked on a short-term basis (uniquely offering hourly and daily rental rates, contrary to the monthly and annual rates of its competitors). With various locations, including...

Dec 12, 2016
B.C.'s Best Cities for Work 2017: Is Vancouver a victim of its success?
Jenny Peng

It’s late September, and inside the lobby of the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, a steady stream of travellers are lining up at the check-in desk; next door, the hotel’s ARC restaurant is buzzing with the chatter of diners studying city maps...

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