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What is Art? Creative Problem Solving

For art, media and design professionals, the goal is always to do what you love. The good news? There has never been a better time to build a career as a creative.

The creative arts sector is booming. More than ever, organizations need creative problem solvers, innovative thinkers and creators of every variety. After fuelling the growth of British Columbia’s thriving creative sector for over 25 years through education and labour force development, LaSalle College Vancouver, an institution dedicated to higher education across the creative landscape, is the industry’s beating heart.

LaSalle College Vancouver is on a mission to meet the rising demand for quality education that can fill roles essential to economic growth in BC. It has launched a new, purpose-built, 108,000-square-foot creative campus—a playground where aspiring designers, musicians, chefs, artists and filmmakers can explore new and incredible ways to bring their ideas to life. LaSalle has also re-aligned its degree and diploma programs to place active learning and technology at the forefront, embracing industry need and ensuring learners can unleash their passions and unlock their dream careers like never before.

Entering the Creative Sector

Dr. Jamie Kemp | Photo by Diana Iakupov, LaSalle College Vancouver Graphic Design Degree Alum

“Now, more than ever, art and design play a pivotal role in shaping our world,” explains Dr. Jamie Kemp, chief academic officer at LaSalle College Vancouver. “Creative problem solving is at the core of what it means to be an artist or designer today. It’s about making the world a better, more beautiful place while addressing some of the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time.”

Do What You Love for Work

Why is it important for people to do what they love for work? Dr. Kemp says the answer underlines a fundamental truth: when passion drives your career, work becomes more than a job—it becomes a calling. “Work plays a huge role in our lives, shaping how we spend our time and influence the world,” she says. “By doing what you love, you’re more likely to be motivated, make a difference and find satisfaction in your contributions.”

Securing a career doing work you love is also the ultimate investment in work-life balance. LaSalle College Vancouver is committed to creative diversity and health, which empowers students to fully pursue their passions. The new campus is Certified Gold by the Rick Hansen Foundation for accessibility and holds Fitwel accreditation for health and wellness. That means it is a space where students can build their portfolios while they build a happy and balanced life.

Catalyzing Success

To foster creative ingenuity, learning spaces must embody innovation. At LaSalle College Vancouver, a suspended classroom floating above a sprawling atrium to a formidable digital lounge destined to be the envy of gamers nationwide is an architectural marvel. A rooftop meditation garden crowns the building, featuring Indigenous art, makerspaces, and a fine-dining restaurant run by the Culinary Arts department.

“We’ve also developed newly revised programs to bring us into the new building,” Kemp says, highlighting the seamless integration of cutting-edge facilities and curriculum designed to inspire, challenge and nurture students as they launch into successful careers they love.

Embarking on Your Creative Journey

For aspiring creatives, the path to a fulfilling career starts with a decision: pursue your passion fearlessly. “Decide that you’re going to do it,” advises Kemp, encouraging students to embrace their dreams as viable, rewarding career paths. “Choose your passion. You don’t have to pick between being successful and doing something you love—you can have both.”

LaSalle College Vancouver, part of the global LCI Education network, is more than a place of learning—it’s a community where future leaders, innovators and artists come together to shape the future of the creative sector.

Whether you’re drawn to the dynamic world of game design, the elegance of fashion, the transformative power of interior design or the narrative magic of film, LaSalle College Vancouver offers the programs, environment and connections to turn your creative aspirations into reality.

Take the Leap with LaSalle College Vancouver

If you’re ready to embark on a journey that blends your passion with practical skills, leading to a career you’ll truly enjoy, LaSalle College Vancouver is ready to welcome you. With the first cohort soon to enter the new campus, an admissions expert is available to guide you through your next steps toward becoming a creative leader.

Don’t wait to seize your spark. Discover how a degree from LaSalle College Vancouver can unlock your potential and set you on a path to a career filled with passion, innovation and impact. Your creative future begins here.

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