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BCIT Inspires

BCIT’s INSPIRE Campaign, the largest fundraising initiative in the Institute’s history, is envisioning, empowering and creating the future of technology-powered learning

Fall 2023 marks a time of exceptional growth for BCIT. With five campuses and more than 45,000 students enrolled each year, we are one of BC’s largest post-secondary institutes and well-positioned to advance opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners. But this is a year like no other in BCIT’s history. Critical investments from provincial and federal government, and generous donors, have aided BCIT immensely in reducing barriers and improving pathways to education for all learners. Our future of connection people, industry and government to deliver leading-edge applied education is bright.

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Meeting Labour Needs

The 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook reported 1 million job openings in the province over the next decade. More than 80% of those roles will require some form of post-secondary education, delivered in flexible, forward-thinking ways that meet the demands of today’s workforce. Shifting technology, like artificial intelligence and automation, and a brand-new demographic and socio-economic landscape are re-shaping workplaces—and BCIT is at the helm of innovative learning.

By joining BCIT, students embark on a learning path to contribute to real-world industry from day one and into the future. Choosing from fulltime or Flexible Learning to earn a microcredential, certificate, diploma, or degree, learners gain hands-on experience and industry connections to fast-track their careers before they even graduate.

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INSPIRE Campaign

The momentum is only growing. BCIT made history this year with its INSPIRE Campaign, the largest fundraising initiative in the Institute’s history. Envisioning, empowering and creating the future of technology-powered learning, the $220M multi-building project is transforming BCIT with dynamic new learning environments that will deliver an innovative workforce that can meet any challenge the future holds.

The BCIT Burnaby Campus has been reimagined as a community with next generation learning spaces that will foster collaboration, applied research and innovation. New state-of-the-art buildings include the Health Sciences Centre and the Trades and Technology Complex that will enhance and expand educational experience for our students. Visit to discover how BCIT is creating a campus that is built to inspire.

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Future Students

Your career is your story. First steps become great strides. Join us and discover how BCIT’s close links with industries around the globe and programs taught by industry leaders on campus and in the field can lead to an education that inspires—from certificates and diplomas to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, embark today on a learning path that will shape your career and propel you into the future.

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Thank you.

BCIT inspires—but we couldn’t do it alone. A project of this magnitude and with such a tremendous impact on BCIT students, and BC’s workforce and economy, is only possible through the generosity and philanthropy of our donors.

“On behalf of BCIT, I am honoured to recognize the donors who support the Trades and Technology Complex,” says Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, President, BCIT. “Their philanthropic partnership makes it possible for BCIT to continue connecting learners with the industry-relevant tools, skills and spaces they need to succeed in the trades and technology sector—benefiting our communities and advancing the growth of the province.”

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