Higher education still pays off—but not for everyone

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Any degree is a good degree. Higher education is linked to higher salaries almost regardless of the subject area, according to a new Canadian study. Graduates of Canadian universities and colleges tend to see their salaries rise quickly over time—just not so much for women. (CBC)

Are you smarter than an American investor? Americans are overconfident about their knowledge of money matters, a new study suggests, which could expose them to exploitation by industry pros. (The New York Times)

The positive side of negative interest rates. A U.S. economist says very low or negative yields need not reflect major cause for concern. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of negative securities as the equivalent of fire or earthquake insurance but for wealth. (Bloomberg)

Are you using offshore tax havens? If so, the CRA may come knocking. Two Canadian banks—RBC and Citibank—have agreed to give the federal revenue minister information from the accounts of a Caribbean financial institution to help the government crack down on Canadian tax evaders. (The Globe and Mail)

Know when to fold ’em. Sell a company too early and you leave money on the table. Sell too late and you’re ridiculed for your arrogance. Just ask Yahoo. (Quartz)