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Invest in Your Leadership, Elevate Your Executives

Enrich the professional and personal development of your top talent with edge exclusive private memberships

edge is a private organization focused on enriching the professional and personal development of your top talent. It inspires executives, vice presidents and managers to elevate their leadership and bring accelerated growth, higher productivity and meaningful success to your company.

Through exclusive private memberships, your leaders access comprehensive developmental resources ranging from peer networking, seminars and workshops to inspirational speaker events. Members connect, engage and share, broadening their perspectives and learning from diverse insight.

edge brings together vast industry experience, thought leadership and diverse insight in five ways:

edge Forum — Supercharge your growth with a collection of hyper-curated peer groups
guided by expert moderators.

edge Events — Connect with like-minded professionals and enjoy exclusive social events focused on providing educational, inspirational, impactful and cutting-edge insights.

edge Platform — Discover a space where collaboration thrives, ideas flourish and progress happens seamlessly through a user-friendly interface designed to empower members with efficient management. Come together with the edge community through virtual and in-person meet-ups and effortlessly track employee attendance at events in real-time.

edgeQ – Achieve accelerated growth and self-improvement through daily smart text-based coaching with the help of AI-models and human insights. Enhance your learning through personalized messaging for long-term mindset and behavioural changes, a dashboard to track your progress and build unique talents, and tools and resources to improve relationships, career, health and more.

edge Elite – Access a private executive and management network leading in excellence, driving results for corporate leadership training. With exclusive entry to a curated business community, this is where your leaders align with top innovators who comprehend your industry challenges and requirements.

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