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LaSalle College Vancouver: Turning Learners into Leaders

Learn to navigate toward a creative career with help from Canada’s pioneer fashion and design school

Creativity is a way of life. It takes equal parts bravery and passion to dedicate one’s life to their craft. For Art, Media and Design professionals, the goal is always to do what you love. The good news is there has never been a better time to build a career as a creative. The sector is booming, and job growth is exponential. While the opportunity has never been greater, the direct path to a thriving career as an artist, fashion designer, chef, animator or any creative role remains a challenge to navigate. For this reason, schools like LaSalle College Vancouver exist.

For 25 years, LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) has been nurturing the dreams of students from around the world and feeding British Columbia’s creative industry growth. Whether you’re savoring a meal from a Michelin star’d restaurant, watching a movie that was filmed on Vancouver’s seawall, being blown away at Vancouver Fashion Week, or falling love with the finishing touches of a masterpiece in a hotel lobby, the fingerprints of LCV’s alumni are indelibly present.

“Our goal is to unlock your creative potential,” says Dr. Jason Dewling, president of LaSalle College Vancouver. “Our reward is seeing you thrive. Whether you’re interested in Game Design & VFX, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Audio & Film, Fashion or the Culinary Arts, LaSalle College Vancouver can help make your dreams a reality. We take your creativity and passion and help you position it for employable skills.”

What sets LCV apart?

A Premium Education Experience with Affordable Tuition

In a time when all costs are climbing LaSalle College Vancouver emerges as a refreshing anomaly. Positioned as a private higher-education institution, its tuition rates and academic rigour rival those of public universities while offering the high-touch connectivity of small classrooms and a boutique learner experience. But the affordability factor doesn’t stop at competitive tuition rates.

Students at LCV complete their education with a distinct advantage: time. Graduating a year ahead of their counterparts in public institutions, they not only save on an additional year’s worth of expenses but also leap into the workforce promptly. The early bird, as they say, catches the sought-after worm—in this case, a lucrative and fulfilling career in the bustling creative sector.

Accessibility: The Art of Helping Learners Thrive

LCV’s commitment to accessibility resonates at multiple levels. It recognizes that creative sparks can be found everywhere. By collaborating with seasoned mentors and educators from the industry, LCV has curated a teaching methodology that not only imparts knowledge but inspires. The goal? To bring students, irrespective of their starting point, from learners to leaders in their domain.

And LCV’s dedication to accessibility isn’t just philosophical. The new campus, slated to open its doors in 2024, is a testament to the school’s tangible commitment. With a Rick Hansen Gold certification, it promises state-of-the-art accessibility architecture, setting a benchmark not just in B.C. but, potentially, Canada-wide.

Accelerated: Getting Full Steam Ahead of Your Career Goals

Traditional academic models, often spread across four-year tenures, can sometimes feel stretched. LCV breaks the mold with its accelerated programs. Intelligently designed courses distributed over three annual terms enable students to assimilate more in less time. As they graduate sooner than their peers, LCV students find themselves a step ahead, ready to shape the creative world with their unique perspectives.

Alignment with Industry: Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Boardroom

A core pillar of LCV’s approach lies in its unwavering focus on industry alignment. The curriculum isn’t just a series of lessons but a balanced blend of conceptual depth and cutting-edge technical training. Graduates don’t just leave with a diploma; they walk out equipped with a holistic understanding typical of industry professionals. So, when industry hiring partners think of top talent, LaSalle College Vancouver comes first to mind. When LCV graduates walk off the graduation stage and into the real world, they turn heads at top brands like Lululemon, Artizia, EA Sports, Sony, Fairmont, Paramount, Disney and more.

An Even Brighter Future

By 2024, LCV will unveil a new state-of-the-art campus—a 108,000-square-tribute to immersive education. The vision was to create a space filled with light, designed to inspire students to grow to their full potential, forging the next generation of art, media and design professionals. From a suspended soundstage to a rooftop garden and design labs to rival any fashion house atelier, this is a place where creative dreams come true. The campus will welcome its first cohort in 2024. To find out more about the campus or LCV programs, you’re invited to connect with a LaSalle college Vancouver admissions advisor and find out where your passions can take you.

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